An apple a day keeps cholesterol away

Last Updated: Wednesday, April 13, 2011, 19:41

It`s said an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Now, scientists say there is some truth in the old adage as they found the fruit helps cut cholesterol levels and lose weight significantly.

5 Ways to keep cholesterol in check

Last Updated: Saturday, April 30, 2011, 17:34

Lowering cholesterol is one of the most imperative things to do to promote overall heart health.


Last Updated: Tuesday, May 03, 2011, 15:14


Work on reducing your cholesterol. This can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke even when your level is not high. Exercise to reduce weight.

‘Bad’ cholesterol is actually ‘good’

Last Updated: Friday, May 06, 2011, 14:15

LDL is referred to as bad cholesterol because it tends to build up in the walls of arteries.

Tomatoes `good for heart`

Last Updated: Thursday, May 19, 2011, 13:12

A new study says that eating tomatoes daily could help lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels, thus keeping heart disease at bay.

Cooked tomatoes can reduce cholesterol like statins

Last Updated: Friday, May 20, 2011, 19:25

Tomatoes contain high levels of a powerful anti-oxidant, lycopene, which helps lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes.


Last Updated: Sunday, May 22, 2011, 15:45


Research shows that eating too many high-fat-foods contributes to high blood-cholesterol levels, which can cause hardening of the arteries, coronary heart disease and stroke.

Blueberry found to lower cholesterol

Last Updated: Thursday, June 02, 2011, 22:19

Lab hamsters fed with rations spiked with blueberry peels and leftovers from the berry`s juice had better cholesterol health than normal counterparts.

Eggs lower in cholesterol than believed

Last Updated: Saturday, June 25, 2011, 12:54

Eggs are lower in cholesterol than previously thought, according to new nutrition data.

Laughter affects the body like exercise

Last Updated: Wednesday, June 29, 2011, 11:34

Laughing not only enhances a positive mood, but lowers stress hormones, increases immune activity, and lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, similar to moderate exercise.

Eggs are good for the heart

Last Updated: Saturday, August 13, 2011, 09:07

Eggs, which are a rich source of protein, are not bad for heart health, say experts.

Eggs lower in cholesterol than believed

Last Updated: Friday, August 26, 2011, 14:58

Eggs are lower in cholesterol than previously thought, according to new nutrition data.