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Tonsils itself is not a disease


Tonsils itself is not a disease. Tonsils are two small lymphoid organs that are on each side of the throat. There function is to protect the throat against any disease. Main cause of the enlargement of tonsils is the presence of toxic matter in the body. Other causes include repeated exposure to cold, getting wet in water, over work, remaining and breathing in closed room for a long time and too much use of sound producing organ in the throat.


Till pain in tonsils subside, take only fruit juice and vegetable soup at the interval of two hours. Live on fruits for a few days and then on fruits and milk. In the morning, after going to toilet, wet mud pack should be kept on the abdomen for half an hour and then enema should be taken with one and a half litre warm water in which 8-10 drops of lemon juice has been mixed.

Once a week before going to bed, take hot Epsom salt bath.

Give steam to tonsils, throat and neck for 10 to 15 minutes.

Apply a mixture of lemon juice and honey to the tonsils by fingers. Suggestions: Do not take chillies, spices, too much salt, oil, white sugar, tartness, meat, fish, pickles, tea, coffee. Eat simple easy to digest food, buttermilk, coconut water, fresh vegetables, sprouted wheat or food with vitamin E.
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My son is 4years old suffering from tonsiles problem .ent suggested to remove it wherther it is right age

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please help me i have severe tonsils when they are swollen , it is something which happens in both summer and winter.I`m 37yrs and i`m afraid of removing as my doctor said its too risky at my age. Please advice on what not to eat if it is the main cause of swollen tonsils. Thank you

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great search but it need modern therpy

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my 4 years old son suffering from tonsils

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i have serious tonsilsis, how do i do away with this pain

i have serious tonsilsis, how do i do away with this pain

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