Mixture of one part harr, two part baheda and four part amla is known as Trifala. It has all the constituents (rasa) i.e. bitter, sour, spicy, sweet and salty. It prevents diseases, increases hunger, smoothens bowel movement, helps in getting a good deep sleep. Taking one spoon trifala with a glass of fresh water in the morning is very helpful. Regular use of trifala prevents impotency, menstruation related problems shwet padar etc. Advantages of using trifala for 12 years:

One year No laziness
Two year Free from all diseases
Three year Increased vision
Four year Increased beauty
Five year Enhanced mental ability
Six year Powerful body
Seven year Black hair
Eight year Transformation of old age to youth
Nine year Special vision power
Ten year Improvement in voice
Eleven year Towards vaak siddhi
Twelve Year Vaak siddhi