Want to get rid of cellulite? Try ‘amazing’ cellulaze

London: Want to get rid of those orange-peel thighs? Here is a new, permanent solution called Cellulaze.

Surgeons at the British Association of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons conference have unveiled a revolutionary procedure that directly attack internal tissues causing cellulite.

Cellulaze, which takes 90 minutes to perform under local anaesthetic, involves tiny incisions and minimal downtime with little scarring, promises astonishing results on the much hated dimpled skin problem, which is unrelated to weight.

Plastic surgeon Mr Hassan Shaaban from Liverpool became the first surgeon in the UK in July to perform Cellulaze, which involves disinfecting the area to be treated with an iodine solution and injecting a local anaesthetic.

A laser attached to the end of a fine metal tube, known as a cannula, is then inserted into the fatty areas below the skin via tiny incisions to perform three tasks.

“We point the laser down and emit heat to dissolve the fat and remove any bulges, then we direct it sideways to divide the fibrous bands so that the skin plumps out again, both of which achieve instant results,’ the Daily Mail quoted Shaaban as saying.

“Then we direct the laser upwards to heat the skin and stimulate collagen formation, with optimum results appearing over six to 12 months. Collagen is the main skeleton of the skin, providing tightness and thickness.

“The temperature of the laser won’t go over a certain level and if it does, it automatically turns off, so it’s very safe. We do not suck anything out but we apply gentle pressure with swabs to absorb the fluid and fractured fat that seeps out,” he stated.

Surgeons believe that only one treatment is required to elicit a permanent result and a study of 110 Cellulaze US patients revealed there was no deterioration in their results a year after the 2,500 pounds surgery.


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