What are haemorrhoids (Piles)?


Called `Arsha` in Ayurveda and stratified into dry and bleeding categories, it denotes the condition when veins in the anal region get varicosed. Main symptoms are intense pain at the time of passing stool. bleeding. Often leads to anemia due to profuse bleeding, itching in the rectal region, wind formation in the stomach. sitting becomes problematic.


Main herbs used in the treatment are Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) Jimikand (Amorphophallus campanulatus).

Avoid potato, yellow variety of pumpkin, colocasia.

Go for the following diet:
Mango Seeds, Sesame seeds Fresh Fruits:
Jambul Fruit, Dry Figs, Papaya, Amalaki
Radish, Turnip, Bitter Gourd, Onion,
Ginger Grains:
Rice, Wheat.

Intestine should be thoroughly cleansed. Exercise is a must. Do not indulge in sex in excess. Avoid going for horse rides or sitting on hard seats. Drink lots of water.


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