What Causes Dysentery?


A term applied to a number of intestinal disorders, especially of the colon, characterized by inflammation of the mucous membranes.

Types of dysentery:
Amebic, Bacillary, Balantidial, Malignant, Viral.

Main causes are bacterial or viral infection; infestation of protozoa or parasitic worms, chemical irritants. Inflammation of the rectum and large intestine, insufficient foods, improper diet, drinking too much liquid with meals, overeating, wrong combinations of foods, stimulating foods, liquor, tea, coffee, drinking impure water, unhygienic surroundings, eating fruits or vegetables that have begun to decompose, eating foods that have been standing in pantries that are not well ventilated, and eating improperly refrigerated, contaminated foods.

Treatment Use potassium broth, soybean milk, or oatmeal milk, and drink at least a pint a day of slippery elm water and barley water. Whole wheat flakes can be completely dissolved in soybean milk. Chew the food thoroughly before swallowing. See the doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

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