Why chocolate shakes, high heels are good for you

London: Would you shave off your moustache to beat your allergies or sniff an apple to cure that headache? Well, strange as it may sound, these are some scientifically proven health tips.

Here’s an amalgamation of unusual health advice that various studies have suggested for your well-being.

Not very long ago, a study suggested that men with allergies should shave off their moustaches, and those who don’t should consider washing it twice a day to get rid of the pollen grains that it traps throughout the day.

Meanwhile, another study found that the odour of green apple helped to reduce the severity of their migraines. It also helps to relieve claustrophobia, by making a room seem bigger.

In yet another study, which may have, delighted of women, researchers at Warwick and Oxford Brookes universities discovered that wearing high heels might make women less likely to develop arthritic changes in the knee joint in later life.

At the very least, they were no worse off than women opting for low footwear.

A separate study suggested that wearing heels could do wonders for a woman’s sex life. They directly work the pleasure muscles, which are linked to an orgasm, the scientists said.

Joining the league of bizarre health tips, two studies suggested that a chocolate milkshake is the ideal post-workout recovery drink rather than a carbohydrate sports drink or a calorie-free drink.

The relatively high sugar content is acceptable in the context, as a means of restoring lost energy, the research said.

Last but not the least was a study which said that doing something different everyday – even just switching radio stations - can help us get rid of bad habits like smoking, eating and drinking too much or becoming stuck in negative thought patterns.


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