Yoga in cocoons - the latest craze among fitness freaks!

London: Just when we thought yoga exercise couldn’t get any more bizarre (remember hot yoga, naked yoga and floating yoga?), they went ahead and introduced the upside down yoga.

Upside down yoga, or officially AntiGravity yoga, is the latest fitness craze from America and involves a thorough workout a few feet above the ground in a silk hammock that can close around the person inside to form a peaceful pod.

According to creator Christopher Harrison, hanging upside down balances out the body, enhances abdominal workouts and opens up the spine.

“AntiGravity Yoga has become so popular that there are already similar classes springing up in England,” a newspaper quoted Christopher as saying.

“We`d like people to come to a real AntiGravity class and find out about the original.

Hanging upside down refreshes the body`s systems, helps blood flow, and allows everyone to try postures such as the headstand and handstand, he added.

The technique uses a fusion of around 40 per cent yoga with acrobatics, dance, gymnastic moves, pilates and other disciplines and the flying silk allows participants to travel and flow freely between postures.


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