Don`t fall prey to sops, Arvind Kejriwal to electors

Don't fall prey to sops, Arvind Kejriwal to electors

New Delhi: Aam Aadmi Party convener Arvind Kejriwal on Friday asked the electors not to fall prey to sops doled out by political parties during elections and vote for an honest and upright candidate to get rid of inflation and deep rooted corruption.

Addressing a gathering in Ayanagar area of Chhatarpur Assembly seat, he alleged that for the past 67 years, some opportunistic people from various political parties have "looted the country and stashed the black money in banks in Switzerland, Italy, France and the US".

"Voters should be cautious while electing their representatives. They are equally responsible for the present state of affairs as they vote for those candidates who pay them money or provide liquor," Kejriwal said.

Getting into the election mode, Kejriwal has been organising mass contact programmes at various places.


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Fellow Indians and citizens of delhi, the world is watching, make sure you dont miss this golden chance to change the future of the country . APP must win and this only possible if you make informed decission about your future.

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