Be your own guru and prophet: Swami Agnivesh

You should become your own guru and prophet, said Swami Agnivesh on Zee Media’s Bharat Bhagya Vidhata.

Speaking with Zee Media’s #BBV, Swami Agnivesh doesn’t buy the idea of being followed by a large number of followers by spiritual gurus, claiming it as an illusion.

Zee Research Group/Delhi

New Delhi: You should become your own guru and prophet and write a moral code of conduct for yourself to fight the moral decay that has set-in our society, said Swami Agnivesh on Zee Media’s Bharat Bhagya Vidhata. “Instead of looking for a spiritual role model outside in the society, the search should begin from within” stressed Agnivesh, who first came into prominence during the 1980s against bonded labour.

In an exclusive conversation with Zee Media’s Amish Devgan in ‘Mudda Aapka, Agnivesh tells youth to, “be your own guru, be your own prophet, write your own one page scripture.”

Agnivesh ridicules the idea of blindly following gurus and godmen.

“We shouldn’t look out for a role model and search within ourselves the divine power.”

But his views swerve between extremes. While he suggests a rational outlook vis-à-vis spiritual gurus, Agnivesh demands a complete ban on alcohol, non-vegetarian food and pornography.

“Promotion of non-vegetarian food, alcohol and pornography is not good for our country and it should be completed banned. He reveals that India is the third largest consumer of pornography in the world. Among states, Delhi is on the top of the list, in such a scenario how one can expect girls to be safe here,” questions Swami Agnivesh.

Giving a sociological outlook on reasons for moral perversion of the society, Dr Sandeep Vohra, a Delhi-based psychiatrist, blamed the decline of joint families as the key factor. Parents in urban nuclear families don’t spend enough time with their children.

“The concept of nuclear family is not good for the cultural values. Today’s parents do not spend enough time with their children especially in urban areas,” stressed Vohra.

Greater awareness and dialogue between the people will help understand society and its values better while indifference towards them will only push us down towards abyss.

“We need to understand our society jointly; otherwise our moral values will only decline,” he added.

Excessive criticism will only breed negativity. We should focus on positive thoughts and examples.

“We should bring a change in the society by giving up all the negative thoughts and focus on positive examples happening around,” Agnivesh opined.

Agnivesh thinks that Anna Hazare-led anti-graft campaign turned into an individual centric movement rather than focusing on the issue at hand.

“I was really excited when the anti-corruption movement begun but unfortunately the individuality of the people involved became larger than the issue. I told them rather than focusing on Anna and Arvind they should focus on the power of youth.”

There are no short-cuts to success, said Vohra. He further advised that Mahatama Gandhi’s life is the best example to achieve success through hard work and dedication.

Agnivesh suggested a three-pronged strategy to arrest moral decay in society. First, focus on youth. Second, discourage alchohol, non-vegetarian and pornography and last, imparting moral education in curriculum.

Agnivesh firmly believes the day when the people of India start trusting in their powers real change will happen automatically.

(The show airs on Monday @ 10pm)

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