Be your own prophet: Swami Agnivesh

A land which ascribed epics and legends for the preservation of moral values amongst human relationships, duties, dharma and power, has decayed on the same exemplary grounds.

Last Updated: Sep 10, 2013, 17:35 PM IST

Shwetlana Tripathi

A land which ascribed epics and legends for the preservation of moral values amongst human relationships, duties, dharma and power, has decayed on the same exemplary grounds. The soil which witnessed bloodshed for the sake of the winning of the good over evil, where women was no less than godly, now , witnesses killings in the name of honor, reveals a new face of greed each day, harasses a women’s dignity, and feels no shame in destructing lives in the name of religion. what exactly india suffers from is society in decay.

At a serious deliberation on this topic, our show, mudda aapka branching from Bharat Bhagya Vidhata held the audience captivated. A saintly procession and predominant politics are hard to be handled together, but our guest Swami Agnivesh accepted the challenge as a matter of experiment. A social activist and member of legislative assembly,from the state of haryana, Swami Agnivesh, has a keen focus on virtuous living. At the other panel we had Dr. Sandeep Vohra. He is a sought after psychiatrist by media and common man alike. His clients vary from simple service man to a celebrity.

Pondering over visible symptoms of the decay in society, the guests were questioned about the causes. “Since, independence”, acclaimed Swami Agnivesh“we have not been fascinated with the morals of sacrifice and collectivity”. The olden times had the capability to inculcate within us the quality of brotherhood and respect for all through various epics and Upanishads. The ancient vishva-varan sanskriti, which prohibits casteism needs to learned and practiced. To this Dr.Vohra added that, selflessness has been converted into selfishness. The trend of nuclear family has left children with no room to learn and imply. Apart from human relations, child is vulnerably exposed to technological flow of information. The sensory bombardments of information of all sorts are taking them to a malign path.

Commercialization, or greed, is the second most influential factor Dr. Vohra added. The gluttony of assets is taking us away from ethical way of living. History and moral science sits nowhere in front of logistics and science today, in the educational curriculum. Mental peace or satisfaction is in the eternal dynamism, rather posh societies and huge cars. Swami Agnivesh agreed to it and said that ‘vasudhaiva kutumbakam’ where even the smallest member is taken care of with maximum efforts is replaced by ‘vasudhaiva market-am, where the well-offs get away with the rights.

Answering one of the questions from the audience, Swami Agnivesh, recommended to leading ourselves. He further proposed to create our own commandments on a A4 size paper rather big scripts and become ‘our own prophet, our own guru’. According to him, all the evil upbringing in our society has descended from, three major roots. Beginning with alcoholism; from politics to social meets, it has slowly tightened its control over people. Secondly, India being the third largest consumer of pornography, automatically evidences the cause behind cases of rape, eve-teasing and deteriorating position of women. Lastly he feels that consuming non-vegetarian food is no extra healthy way of living, rather it is inhuman. Such practices engenders female foeticides,popedom, dowry and communalism.

Dr. Vohra visions the elucidations as, inclusion of moral science in school syllabus, a venture towards a joint family structure and a mindset to respect and highlight the honest and honesty. “With a more rebellious behavior towards the ills in the society run by government, can we overcome the danger” proclaimed Swami Agnivesh. Such actions could include encouraging responsible love marriages, inter-caste marriages, and prohibition of alcohol and pornography.