Greed has overtaken us all: Renuka Chowdhury

Senior Congress leader and Rajya Sabha Parliament member Renuka Chowdhury says she has personally been a victim of corruption in public service.

Senior Congress leader says corruption indeed can be curbed; exhorts citizens to stand against corruption on Zee media show ‘Bharat Bhagya Vidhata’

Zee Research Group/Delhi

New Delhi: Senior Congress leader and Rajya Sabha Parliament member Renuka Chowdhury says she has personally been a victim of corruption in public service while admitting that corruption had indeed become a way of life in the country.

In an exclusive heart-to-heart conversation with Ashutosh Rana of Zee Media in Bharat Bhagya Vidhata’s ‘Zara Hatke’ show, Renuka Chowdhury dwelt at length on the vexed issue of corruption making a fervent appeal to the citizens of the country to shun the path of corruption.

The former child and welfare minister said that “all of us were involved somehow or the other with corruption either being a victim or a perpetuator.

In the context of corruption, when asked by Rana whether corruption was either part of our DNA or a necessity or a habit, she told Bharat Bhagya Vidhata, “Corruption is associated with all these terms. Corruption can’t be quantified either in numbers or in statistics.”

“Illegal path becomes easier to follow than the legal or legitimate path, so people get indulged in illegal activities to get their work done. The actual decision should be taken by an individual whether they would like to wait in a queue for their turn or would go to a politician to get their work done,” further added Chowdhury.

She considered the growing population as the biggest problem acting as a hindrance to check corruption.

“Resources are less to meet the demands of the people. The government wants to distribute all its resources among the people equally but there are people who already have sufficient but are in a hurry and crave for more and hence it creates problem for those who really are in need of the same. There is a solution for need, but no solution for greed,” lamented Chowdhury.

On being asked who all are responsible for the societal decay, Congress leader explained, “In a democracy we all are responsible for the spread of the disease. We all at some point of time cross the line. For example, we want more cylinders than our neighbours, in a petrol station everyone is in a hurry to get their tanks filled first. Common people generally blame the politicians, but it is actually the common man who comes to us to get his or her work done faster and there is readiness to bear the extra expenses.”

On another key reason for the spread of corruption, she said, “Most of the resources instead of reaching to the common man go to the middleman. There are several people who bribe others for getting their driving licenses. Fake ration cards are also there. Land corruption is a big problem. Corruption is present at all levels. It has spread its roots all over and we all need to work together to stop this. Generally, all blame is given to the politicians and the bureaucrats as they are very visible but all are equally responsible for this,” added Chowdhury.
On being asked which is the most corrupt department in the country? She said that, “There is no measurement for that. She argued that we all give strength to corruption and corruption can’t be tackled by one man and in one day. We all need to fight against corruption.”
Chowdhury prayed that the common man and the average citizen of the country rise to make India corruption free.

(The episode airs at 10 pm on Tuesday on Zee News channel.)