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Health is an individual subject, owned by you and for you: Shivinder Mohan Singh

Last Updated: Friday, September 20, 2013 - 00:40

Shashank Verma

New Delhi: India is the second most populated country in the world. It is a country where more than forty percent of population is said to be young and it is also a country that claims to be the fastest growing economy but spends less than 3.9% of total GDP (Gross Domestic Product) on health (according to The World Bank Data 2008-12).

Yuva Mange More, a Bharat Bhagya Vidhata series show discussed issues concerning health which afflicts the youth of the country. Shivinder Mohan Singh, managing director of Fortis Healthcare and Dr Sanjeev Bagai, director Radiant Life Care Pvt Ltd were the guests on the show who shared their perspective on the subject. Rohit Sardana, host for the show, pondered over various question with the guests and tried to find solution to improving the current health status of the country.
When tossed the first query regarding the type of disease that youth are more likely to be affected with Shivinder said, “Life has become 24x7 because of technology. Disease is increasing with the growth of our country. Work is getting faster and increasing with the same pace. Due to increasing income, health is left at backseat. When life is good, you take advantage of it and that takes toll on health. Tasty is not always healthy. Activities are declining and stress is increasing. Quality of food is also deteriorating.”

“Evolution always come accompanying risk. Ours’ is the young country. And diseases like asthma, hypertension, diabetes, depression, neurological problem, heart attacks etc affecting age group below forty five is a matter of great concern. Genetic disorders due to pollution and industrialization are also increasing amongst the people. Overall bearing starts at early infancy. And almost 20% urban and rural Indian population is getting over weight; 15-18% is obese. Sports and physical activities should be taken care during the school days”, said Dr Bagai regarding the declining health of youth.
“Health is not just about a physical attribute. It’s a balancing factor of mental, emotional, physical and your general well being. You have to watch your weight, but that’s not the only solution. We should look on 360 degrees approach to attain balance. If you eat on right time and perform some exercise then you can be healthy. Health is an individual subject; owned by you and for you. We have to take ownership of your health," said Shivinder about the decreasing physical activities among the youth.

When asked about habits like drinking and smoking among the youth Dr Bagai replied, “Youth should not forgo their own value system. Alcohol intake, smoking, substance abuse like drugs stimulants and anti-depressant etc at the young age should be avoided. They all have short and long term devastating effect. These are tolerance developing drugs and have very serious side effect.”

“Today’s youth is partly inquisitive towards these things. They want to explore its reaction. Social pressure is also responsible for it. Reprimand doesn’t work now a day. Home value system helps to remain away from all this. Belief in self can save you from indulging in bad habits”, viewed Shivinder on adoption of bad habits among youth.

Answering the question over primary health care and private hospitals Dr Bagai said, “There are multiple issues with this. Private sector has very easy approach. They can easily penetrate into small towns. Government should provide free land and certain subsidies to the private sector. Less rules and regulations and less restrictions should be kept over private sectors.”

“According to me it is not about creating an ecosystem where business can develop. It’s not about profit. Medical college and education of doctors needs more investment”, said Shivinder.

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First Published: Thursday, September 19, 2013 - 20:05
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