NaMo versus RaGa is a non-melodious raga: Sitaram Yechury

NaMo versus RaGa is a non-melodious raga and the people know it better whom to vote for, said Sitaram Yechury.

Updated: Oct 15, 2013, 18:24 PM IST

On Zee Media’s Bharat Bhagya Vidhata, Sitaram Yechury urged the government to design policies related to education in such a way that the question of ‘demographic liability’ never arises. The Leftist leader didn’t forget to stress that instead of giving tax exemptions to corporates, the government should spend the money on infrastructure development and education.

Zee Research Group/New Delhi

NaMo versus RaGa is a non-melodious raga and the people know it better whom to vote for, said Sitaram Yechury. The Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPM) Poliburo member cautioned to not view the youth of India as a liability. He said that the Left has got the vision and the program to inspire the youth to help realize their true potential. The former national president of the Students Federation of India was speaking on Zee Media’s Zara Hat Ke.

Yechury blamed government’s faulty policies for country’s poor growth and development. The policies of the government should be such that every youth in our country becomes educated so that the question of youth as a liability should not arise.

“We don’t consider youth of our nation as a liability,” said Yechury.

Why give tax exemptions to the private sector, asked Yechury.

“In the name of economic development, the present government is giving incentives and tax exemption to the corporate, that money should have been utilised for the infrastructure development and uplifting education of the country,” lamented Yechury.

While the CPM politburo member didn’t give a direct reply to the question of NaMo Versus RaGa, he did say, “NaMo Vs Ra Ga is non–melodious raga and the citizens of our country are very intelligent and they will decide whom to vote and vote out.”

More importantly, Yechury stressed that the country doesn’t need a politician; it needs good policies for growth.

On being asked why the Left parties have failed to capture the imagination of Indian masses, unlike the BJP and Congress, Yechury made the distinction between economic and social issues. In relation to economic issues, the Left parties have made the impact. “It is true that the way we have been able to raise our voices on economic issues like inflation and corruption, we couldn’t do so the same with social issues like women’s safety, khap panchayats and dalit atrocities, because of that I think we are less popular among the people.”

The Leftist leader reiterated his party’s non-Congress and non-BJP bogey while keeping pundits in business about CPM’s alliance options. “The decision will be taken only after the elections but we are strongly against both BJP as well as Congress.”

Yechury categorically dismissed any talks or option of aligning with Mamata Banerjee. He said “she has been never clear with her motives and our party doesn’t appreciate opportunistic politics, hence we will always maintain distance with her.”

On the Food Security Bill, however, Yechury differed and questioned its efficacy as a measure to redistribute resources to the poor.

“There are lots of loopholes in the bill. Food Security Bill is incomplete. It should have been made applicable to all. Also, 35 Kg of food grains should have been made available to the people for Rupees 2.00. Universal Public distribution should have been brought by the government,” said Yechury.

Offering solutions to help the country progress and develop, Yechury said, “The horizon of Food Security Bill should be increased. Right to Education (RTE) needs to be upgraded, and corruption in education sector should be checked so that the youth of our country gets educated and helps India progress in real sense.”

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