Narendra Modi is a mass leader: Rajnath Singh

Narendra Modi is a mass leader: Rajnath Singh

Zee Research Group/Delhi

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Rajnath Singh has spoken exclusively to Sudhir Chaudhary, Editor, Zee News, on the Gujarat snooping charges that have rocked the political establishment.

In the first media interview on the controversy involving the former home minister of Gujarat Amit Shah, the BJP president said the lady’s father and not Shah was the best person to respond to any specific queries. “Like I said earlier, if anyone wants to know anything regarding the case, he or she should go and talk to her (lady’s) father.

Singh asserted that there was no question of question of going back on PM candidate as Modi “is the unified choice” of the party. “The decision to declare Modi as the PM candidate is the right and wise decision in the current scenario,” declared Singh. He also went on to defend Modi for using the word ‘Khooni Panja’in an earlier election rally in Chhattisgarh. “He has used the word for the Congress symbol and not for any specific individual.”

Defending Modi on slip ups in his speeches, he conceded that the goof-ups in Modi’s speeches could just be a slip of tongue. “Modi is a mass leader and he doesn’t read written speeches like many others. This is only a myth that his speeches are prewritten. However, it could be a possibility that he takes suggestions from others.”

Following are the edited excerpts from the interview

Q: A tape of Amit Shah has come where it has been shown that a women architect was spied and Amit Shah is saying that this all has been carried in the name of some ‘Saheb’? Who is this ‘Saheb’?

A: I think that after the letter from the woman’s father there is nothing more left in this discussion. If a father pleads for the safety of his family from the home minister of a state what is wrong in this? It is the duty of any state government to provide security to the people’s wealth and life.

Q: If you see the tape you will find the queries done by Amit Shah with police official Singhal will show that it was not meant for providing security instead it was meant for spying.

A: According to me all queries regarding this case should be raised to the father of the woman. The father of the woman has clarified everything. There is no question of debate in this. There has been no question of harassment as of now. In a democracy, however, there should not be any character assassination.

Q: Would you suggest Amit Shah to break his silence on snooping scandal?

A: I believe that in this season of elections there is no need to speak unnecessarily on matters that would attract accusations and allegations. It is better to speak on issues that are important for the party and the nation. Like I said earlier, if anyone wants to know anything regarding the case, he or she should go and talk to her (lady’s) father.

The interview airs Thursday at 10pm on all Zee Media channels. Twitter #bbv

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