Narendra Modi is India’s only hope: Vijay Goel

On Zee Media’s Bharat Bhagya Vidhata, Vijay Goel outlined bijli, paani and women’s safety as his top three priorities, if BJP is voted to power in Delhi.

On Zee Media’s Bharat Bhagya Vidhata, Vijay Goel outlined bijli, paani and women’s safety as his top three priorities, if Bharatiya Janata Party is voted to power in December 4 legislative assembly elections in Delhi.

Zee Research Group/New Delhi

Vijay Goel has no shred of doubt that most of the country’s woes are a direct result of Congress misrule including in Delhi where Sheila Dikshit government is to be blamed for high food inflation, rising cost of electricity, poor supply of water and crime against women. While the Bharatiya Janata Party’s campaign chief in Delhi downplayed any talk of his candidature for chief ministership, Goel is clear that only Narendra Modi can save India and deliver economic progress and sound governance.

Vijay Goel, the former Union Minister of State of Statistics & Programme Implementation and Youth Affairs & Sports in the National Democratic Alliance (India) government skillfully evaded questions on the party candidature for Chief Minister Position in Delhi Legislative Assembly elections 2013.

He said that when the right time will come, the party will arrive at a decision on Chief Minister.

In an exclusive Zara Hat Ke chat with Zee Media’s Bharat Bhagya Vidhata initiative, the former Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU) president blamed the present Sheila Dixit government in Delhi for the corruption and price rise in the state.

He stressed that the country’s only hope is Narendra Modi whose vision and economic model will save the nation.

“The model developed by Narendra Modi has led to rapid growth and development in Gujarat. His vision has been appreciated by people across all sectors and genres. The people of our country believe that if our party governed by the principles and ideologies of Narendra Modi comes into power, it will help in the progress of the entire nation,” said Goel.

“I strongly believe that considering the present scenario, our party will form the government both at the centre as well as in Delhi,” asserted Goel.

On being asked about their agenda for the coming assembly elections in Delhi, Goel said, “Our motto is to fight corruption and price rise. Also, we will provide electricity at cheaper rates. We want that safe drinking water should be made available to all. Finally, we will work hard to ensure that every woman in Delhi feels safe.”

He lamented that the ever inflation in the country is only because of improper policies of the government. Import and export should be decided on the basis of demand and supply of the goods which is not taken into consideration by the present government.

“The government is not educating the farmers about right agricultural practices,” added Goel.

He said that the power demand will be sorted only when power is purchased and distributed at cheaper rates.

“Delhi should be given the status of full state which will help solve many issues,” said Goel.

He argued that the present government doesn’t want the country to progress and develop deliberately. It doesn’t want to work and hence the sufferers are the common people.

He highlighted the government’s utter failure to check price rise but at the same time it has invited Wal-Mart stores to sell commodities at cheaper rates. Further, instead of tackling food inflation, the government has introduced a populist scheme like the Food Security Bill (FSB) to garner votes.

On being asked that if BJP comes into power, what will they do to save the nation, Goel replied that they will do planning for 20 years instead of five years. They are promising to provide good governance and basic necessities like electricity, water and good hygiene to all. Also, he promised that his party will ensure safety of women at all levels.

“We will take opinion from common people and will then build our manifestos,” said Goel.

(Zara Hat Ke airs at 10:00 pm on Tuesday across Zee Media channels.)

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