Need to tackle education woes at societal level: Abhishek Mishra

Need to tackle education woes at societal level: Abhishek Mishra

Speaking on Zee Media's Bharat Bhagya Vidhata's 'Yuva Mange More' show, a progressive face of Samajwadi Party (SP), Abhishek Mishra says India’s education system is reeling under many problems. There is a lot of work still to be done at multiple levels to improve the education system.

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Abhishek Mishra, Minister of State for Science and Technology, Government of Uttar Pradesh and an alumnus of Cambridge University has suggested youth to make education the focal point in our system. He urged the youth to take self-ownership without taking into account the support provided by the ecosystem. He spoke at length on the grim situation of education system in conversation with anchor Romana Isar Khan.

Education system is a very broad term. Mishra said, “Indian education system is subdivided into various segments like primary, secondary. Although some segments are catering to the aspirations of youth yet there are segments which are struggling.”

Talking about the poor infrastructural facilities and low pupil-teacher ratio, Mishra said, “There is deficiency in infrastructure. It is relatively easier to cater to the physical infrastructure needs by money. However, to address the shortage of human power in the education sector, we need to tackle the problem at the societal level. When good students will become teachers then only change will happen. This problem can’t be alone addressed by the allocation of resources.”

Mishra believed that skills and higher education should move in tandem for employability. Between 2011 and 2013, the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) received 231 applications from management colleges wanting to shut down. The AICTE has okayed about 80 of them. “The closure of some MBA colleges is actually a healthy sign for the industry and students as these colleges have failed to bridge the skills gap,” he stressed.

“The need of the hour is to maintain the quality of education. Government should strengthen good institutions and make them so much capable that they can hike the student intake. Further, good institutes like IIMs, IITs are being opened in the country,” he added.

However, Sudhir Misra, senior journalist argued, “Many MBA and Engineering colleges are run by a politician in the country. Who should be held responsible for checking the quality of education at these (which were shut down) colleges?”

More so, on why no institute here is in the top 200 best universities of the world Mishra at SP reasoned, “There is a lot of work still to be done in order to improve India’s education system. We lack emphasis on research and knowledge creation part. However, there are some flaws in the estimation process.”

Referring to the possibility where a third front will come into power after the elections next year and Mulayam Singh Yadav being nominated as a Prime Ministerial (PM) candidate, Mishra said, “Mulayam Singh at every forum has reiterated the fact that this decision (to finalise the PM candidate) will be taken only after the results of general elections.”

Offering solutions to improve the grim education scenario in the country, Mishra said, “We need to recruit competent faculty. We have to focus on teacher training programs. We need to encourage the best talent for doing research work.”

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