Politicians in MP have become commission agents: Jyotiraditya Scindia

India needs a leader like Rahul Gandhi who is selfless and cares about the poor and women, declared Jyotiraditya Scindia.

We want to win in Madhya Pradesh to bring real development on the lines of Sonia Gandhi’s vision which is pro-poor and all-inclusive, said Jyotiraditya Scinida on Bharat Bhagya Vidhata. The MoS of Power also thinks that coalition politics represents the will of the people.

Zee Research Group/New Delhi

India needs a leader like Rahul Gandhi who is selfless and cares about the poor and women, declared Jyotiraditya Scindia. On Zee Media’s Nishane Pe under Bharat Bhagya Vidhata initiative, the Minister of State for Power, asserted that politicians in Madhya Pradesh have become commission agents. Scindia who represents Guna Lok Sabha constituency and is currently heading the Madhya Pradesh Congress election campaign committee claimed that the people of the state are yearning for change in November 25 legislative assembly polls.

“I personally feel that if Rahul Gandhi becomes prime minister, it will be good for everyone because he doesn’t think about personal gains but for the good of the poor and women. He is the apt person to lead the country,” Scindia told Zee Media guest anchor Ashutosh Rana in his response to who should lead the nation: Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi.

He, however, defended Rahul Gandhi’s rise within the Congress. “Rahulji has been winning elections and questioning his credentials is akin to questioning the entire democratic process.”

On anchor Rana’s charge that he has been paradropped from the Centre to Madhya Pradesh, Scindia defended that he has always worked in the state and widely travelled to connect with the people. But, is he a contender for chief minister’s position in the state?

He said, “I will only say that I am committed to progress, inclusive development and positive thinking. Our family has worked selflessly for the people. My guiding light is my late father and his selfless life is my inspiration. I am trying to follow in his footsteps.”

Focusing on November 25 legislative assembly elections, Scindia said, “My current responsibility is to win elections for my party. We are not power hungry. Our aim is to bring real development on the lines of Sonia Gandhi and Congress’ vision in Madhya Pradesh.”

While reckoning that factionalism and infighting within the state unit of the party, Scindia reiterated that “this time Congress is much better organised and there is greater harmony within the party”. He also said that “Congress speaks less and works more while the Opposition speaks more and works less”.

Scindia’s priorities are very clear, if his party wins the November 25 legislative elections. “First and foremost we will ramp up governance, which has suffered heavily under the current ruling regime in the state. Corruption seeped into all levels of the administration. Politicians have become commission agents.”

Besides, the fight against corruption, Scindia said, “We will harness Madhya Pradesh’s strengths. All regions of the state can be developed according to their potential. We’ll especially focus on the youth and women.”

On youth and unemployment, the minister highlighted lack of applied education in the existing system and stressed the need for vocational training. “Our current educational system must focus on vocational training. It should be geared to meet the production system in the economy. Strong industry links are required to ensure that educated people are consumed in the economy.”

While accepting that increased regionalism is the result of decline of the national parties, Scindia asserted that Indian polity has shown immense resilience to respect the will of the people and respond to coalition pulls and pressures. “Coalition politics is the will of the people. Both national parties have been successful in running coalition governments.”

On anti-incumbency emanation from graft charges against the United Progressive Alliance government at the centre, Scindia defended his government’s record. He said, “Our government has taken stringent action against anyone who’s been found guilty of corruption. Our ministers have been removed and even jailed.”

Scindia counter-questioned with reference to Shivraj Singh Chouhan-led Bharatiya Janata Party government in Madhya Pradesh: “Has anyone been ever charged in Madhya Pradesh or removed from the government?”

On current economic mess and rupee depreciation, Scindia urged to see things in global perspective where all emerging nations are bearing the brunt of changed economic situation instead of politicising the issue. “It is easy to politicise the issue of price rise, fuel price hike et al. But, global economic situation is like that. Exchange rate is a moving target. It has to be analysed in perspective.”

Scindia also differentiated Congress vis-a-vis BJP and said that his party is an idea, a revolution and stands for selfless service and caters to all in society.

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