Systemic reforms required for improving education system: Dilip Chenoy

Systemic reforms required for improving education system: Dilip Chenoy

Education experts like Dilip Chenoy, Dr. Pritam Singh, JS Rajput, and former bureaucrat NK Singh shared their concerns over the grim situation of education system in the country. Speaking at Bharat Bhagya Vidhata 'India Ka Agenda' show to be aired today@ Zee News at 10 pm, they collectively stressed on improving the quality of education if India were to retain the demographic edge.

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Dilip Chenoy, CEO and Managing Director of the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) lamented that the gap between education and employment had widened. “Our education system hasn’t been reformed over years and the education woes can be tackled by bringing systemic reforms along with a change in mindset,” he prescribed.

Talking about the poor infrastructural facilities and low pupil-teacher ratio, Chenoy stressed, “There is deficiency in physical infrastructure. Further, there is a shortage of human power (teachers) in the education sector. Moreover, the quality of education in the country is also deteriorating.”

Likewise, NK Singh, Rajya Sabha MP, JDU and ex senior bureaucrat said, “Between 2009- 12, enrolment ratio has risen but the quality of education has worsened. Although the children have the right to education yet they don’t have the access to quality education. Further, we need to improve our school infrastructure which includes drinking water facilities, proper toilets for students.”

Raising concerns over the low expenditure of government on education, JS Rajput, former director of National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) lamented, “Expenditure on education is still below four per cent of gross domestic product (GDP). In 1968, it was stated that expenditure on education should be around six per cent of GDP. Barring 2002, GDP spend on education has always remained below four per cent,” he urged.

The change in education system will happen only when good people come into the academics field. Pritam Singh, Padam Shree and Director-General at International Management Institute (IMI) said, “Today, there are lots of opportunities available and hence good people prefer to join the industry rather than becoming teachers.”

Chenoy believed that skill enhancement is required for employability. “We will be training 10 lakh youths in skill development on various aspects in 2013-14. We train people as per the requirements of a particular industry,” he added.

The need of the hour is to change the mindset. Rajput said, “Good Parents are those who don’t impose their wishes on the children regarding the career choice.” Likewise, Chenoy said, “The society should give respect to skilled workers in order to bring a change in the system.”

Offering solutions to tackle the grim situation of education system, Singh of IMI opined, “Government should focus on improving the quality of education. Regulatory body in the education sector should mainly act as a developer and an enabler. Good people should be recruited in academics.”

Similarly, Chinoy suggested, “Public private partnership model should be encouraged.”

(BBV ‘India Ka Agenda’ show airs @10 pm)

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Who made the recruitment policies obviously Govt. When Govt. employ teachers by taking bribe then how you can think about quality education. Lakhs of talented teachers sorrounding here and there but people having zero caliber are in then how can think about this. Mid day meal scheme is a complete flaw and it is 100% wastage of peoples hard earned money. In fact, Govts in india do every work with any eye of votes. Lot of things are there but to explain the story of this corrupt system is not possible in words.

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