Voices on Price Rise

This week Bharat Bhagya Vidhata takes up the issue of price rise in India.

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This week Bharat Bhagya Vidhata takes up the issue of price rise in India. Here is what people had to say about it:

  • The Indian economy is in doldrums now. Black money is a major cause for price rise. - Monika (Delhi)
  • Indian rupee is not in a strong position in the international market. Moreover, rapid growth in population is a major reason behind price rise. Hope things get better. - Tushar (Delhi)
  • Obviously corruption is the main reason behind all the problems India is facing today, including price rise. If we root out corruption, inflation could be easily dealt with. - Jijo (Delhi)
  • The national poverty line has been fixed at just Rs 816 per capita per month for rural areas. However, prices of commodities and other services are increasing rapidly. Forget anything else, even onions could not be afforded at this level. - Keshav (Delhi)
  • I think supply of goods is less in markets, which leads to price rise. Black marketing creates artificial scarcity in the economy, which causes price rise. It needs to be tackled at any cost. – Kanika (Delhi)
  • I feel that taxes and duties paid on imports are high. Since we import a lot of products, it will surely increase inflation. – Kunal (Mumbai)
  • First fuel, then tomatoes and now onions. The prices of basic commodities have shot up. Action at policy level is essential to tackle deteriorating economic condition. - Faizan (Uttarakhand)

    Compiled by Praveen PJ

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