Vote out corrupt politicians in India, says Prashant Bhushan

Professionals turned politicians Prashant Bhushan and RK Misra have exhorted youth to vote out corrupt politicians in India.

Prashant Bhushan and RK Misra speak at length against corruption on Bharat Bhagya Vidhata show ‘Yuva Mange More’ in conversation with anchors Saurabh and Anant. They argued for restoring respect to the honest people in the country while promoting honesty as a habit individually

Zee Research Group/Delhi

Professionals turned politicians Prashant Bhushan and RK Misra have exhorted youth to vote out corrupt politicians in India. Both argued against allowing negativity to overwhelm the nation calling upon youth to play a proactive role in promoting honesty.

Explaining the rationale behind the failure to control corruption, Bhushan said, “In our current political system only those parties are coming into power that have the money power. They are making illegal money owing to corruption and their visibility is more. It is not that all parties are corrupt. However, the centre of gravity of all big political parties has become corrupt.”

Referring to the positivity in the bleak scenario, Bhushan added, “We have seen such a big movement against corruption and women security issue. The youth had both led and taken active part in the recent protests over the Delhi gang-rape incident and the Lokpal Bill. This means that Indian youth are urging to change the system.”

Commenting on the penalty that should be levied on the corrupt people, Bhushan said, “Once Kaushik Basu said that one who receives the bribe should be punished not the giver. It is half truth as the person may give the bribe in two situations. While the person giving the bribe to get his right should not be penalized, those trying to seek more than the entitlement (like in coal block allocations) should be strictly punished.”

Misra said, “Nobody wants to give money for getting his work done. Sovereign corruption is the most dangerous one which the government does with the nation. Furthermore, owing to the economic corruption like coal scam, there is no availability of coal at the power plants. Corruption has been institutionalised and has made the backbone of the nation weak.”

Bhushan asserted, “We have started the movement against corruption as we understand that corruption is the root cause of many problems. There is a need to bring a change in the system. Hence we brought the Jan Lokpal Bill.”

“We need to change the whole political system. We need electoral reforms which can reduce the importance of money power in elections. Hence, reforms like judicial, police, administrative are required to bring in systemic changes. Today, administrative officers have become the puppets of their political masters,” he added.

Suggesting three steps to eradicate the corruption problem, Misra averred, “Give respect to honest person. Furthermore, give the honest candidate power by giving them your vote. Lastly, be honest yourself.”

Similarly, Bhushan opined, “Don’t give bribe to anyone and if anyone demands it then expose the taker. We will create anti-corruption union to check it. We need to change the political system.”

Both Bhushan and Misra urged youth to be their own Bhagya Vidhata. They averred that it is the need of the hour that youth support those who are fighting against corruption.

(The episode airs at 10:00 pm on Thursday on Zee News channel.)

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