We need to awaken the ‘Shiva’ in our society: Maulana Abdul Hamid Nomani

The vulnerable situation of our society is often talked about at several forums of debate. Moral decay of an individual in the society snowballs into decay in political, economical and cultural systems in the state.

Shwetlana Tripathi

New Delhi: The vulnerable situation of our society is often talked about at several forums of debate. Moral decay of an individual in the society snowballs into decay in political, economical and cultural systems in the state. Religion instead of uniting is dividing communities and stoking riots. The status of women in our culture is steadily declining. One’s economic status solely decides their social standing. Selflessness, generosity and good conduct has made way for selfishness, greediness and corrupt practices.

Bharat Bhagya Vidhata tried to find out the reasons behind this societal decay on its show—India ka Agenda. Guests on the show included VHP spokesperson, Prakash Sharma; Professor Anand Kumar of Jawahar Lal Nehru University; Secretary of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind, Maulana Abdul Hamid Nomani; author of “Shiva Trilogy”, Amish Tripathi and leader of RLD, Ajit Singh, who presented their views regarding the rampant decay in society.

“Consumption is all that matters for people today,” stated Anand. In the past 20 years, a wave of materialism has swept away all qualities, such as generosity, simplicity, sacrifice and togetherness. Corruption has become an indispensible part of the system. Due to all such factors the analytical and political level of the country has degraded. “We don’t understand that self-building, societal building and nation-building are all co-related. People are biased towards those that belong to the same religion, financial capability, language and gender.” We Indians need to recover our character that we have lost in the past decades, he said.

Amish Tripathi however chose to remain optimistic about it all and said that he felt there was an immediate need to celebrate the positives around us and work to improve certain areas. Being materialistic and ambitious is not bad, but the method of earning should be honest, he said. There are values in our religion which can teach us a lot and one should awaken the God within, rather than the demon. "Women empowerment is the biggest social issue in India which needs immediate attention," said the author.

Talking about the Delhi gang-rape verdict, Tripathi said it will not bring a change in the society unless the conviction rate increases as well. He talked about the broken window policy where even the smallest of crimes results into punishment.

Senior VHP leader, Prakash Sharma, said that the political parties were responsible for creating a divide in the country. India has lost its ethics of spirituality and religion and since independence nothing has been done to safeguard communal harmony in the society. Despite high capital gains and financial progress, people are not satisfied with their lives. We are not bothered about others around us and the society needs to rethink its religious ideals. There should be equality among all sections, he said. Westernization, he believes, has done more harm than good to our society. Celebrating Valentine`s Day, inappropriate dressing and lost religious values have given rise to several criminal activities. And not just a change in governance, but, also self evaluation and moral upgradation were required to improve the situation, said Prakash.

Maulana Abdul Hamid Nomani’s views were a turning point in the discussion. He said that unemployment is the root cause behind every social evil for ‘empty vessel makes the most noise.’ Quoting Ambedkar, Maulana said, "If there is a loophole in law, and not the society, the loophole can very well be mended." People must behave courteously with each other and we must not focus only on the negative aspects of all things.

RLD chief Ajit Singh felt that the country lacks a responsible ruling class. Calling the Muzzaffarnagar riots a conspiracy, he said that Uttar Pradesh’s Samajwadi Party government and the administration of the area was behind it. In such times, he said, it was the responsibility of political parties to ensure peace and safety of the public.

The panelists on the show suggested various reforms to check the decay in society. Anand felt that even terrorism was a resultant of the deep-rooted corruption in our country and it needs to be checked immediately. There is a requirement of educational and medical institutions rather than mosques and temples and no effort should be spared to rebuild the country. Honest and hard-working political figures must lead the society as role models. Prakash on the other hand felt that youngsters could change the face of India. Maulana Nomani said that one needed to delve deep to understand the complexity of `Shiva` and the time was ripe for the society to open its ‘third eye’.

Amish Tripathi said that providing employment is not just a solution to one’s economic problems, it also is an important factor of social upliftment. "We must have faith in the God that resides within us. I attempt to educate people about this through my books," he said.

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