Health – Fact File

Health – Fact File

• Rural residents of Madhya Pradesh and Delhi face 70% and 55% chances, respectively, of being prescribed the wrong treatment.

• 200 grams of white rice would approx contain 420 calories.

• Cancer killed 5,56,400 people across the country in 2010.

• Tobacco-related cancers accounted for 42% of all male deaths and 18.3% of female deaths.

• The human body is home to some 1,000 species of bacteria

• The average person sheds up to 10g of dead skin a week and up to 18kg in their lifetime.

• Rate of breastfeeding is only 39% in developing countries.

• Non-communicable diseases account for 80% of deaths among adult women.

• Around 20% of the world's children and adolescents are estimated to have mental disorders.

Compiled By Praveen PJ

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