Bharat Bhagaya Vidhata at a glimpse:

Day Time Program About the Program
Sunday 10.00pm Karmkshetra Karmashetra is a show to profile  a constituency and its MP’s performance . Reportage from Ground Zero will take  stock of the work done and funds spent by the MP in his or her constituency
Monday 10.00pm Mudda Aapka This show  will set the tone for the rest of the week by highlighting  a particular issue such as Safety or Corruption, and the theme will be followed up for the entire week
Tuesday 10.00pm Zara Hatt Ke The anchor will interact with politicians/celebrities in a relaxed mood outside their core area of work in their homes with their family members but will stay focused on the theme of the week
Wednesday 10.00pm Ek Nari Aisi Bhi Ek Naari Aisi Bhi will showcase a real female victim who will talk about herself and the issues she has faced. A prominent politician would also be invited to the show to talk and face the victim
Thursday 10.00pm Yuva Mange More Yuva Mange More is a youth based show that talks about the wants, needs and demands of the youngsters which will be an interactive show where a prominent politician will talk his mind on the future of India and the Gen Next
Friday 10.00pm Nishane Pe As the title suggests, the anchor will pose difficult questions to a politician who has been accused of some wrongdoing. The show will provide a platform where hardcore grilling will be done by the junta of India and a golden opportunity for the politician to defend himself
Saturday 10.00pm India ka Agenda After exploring all the aspects on specific issue for a  week through various shows targeting different sections and age groups of India, the issue will be summed up  with India Ka Agenda. With the expert panel, junta and jury members, India will pass a verdict on the issue for the elections 2014