Tripura infant with `two heads` gets new life

Tripura infant with 'two heads' gets new life

Agartala: An eight-month-old Tripura infant got a new lease of life after doctors in a Kolkata hospital successfully removed in a rare, five-hour operation a second head growing on top of his head, a doctor said.

"Tofajjal was born with a rare deformity. There was a second head maturing on top of his head. The second head with parasitic twin weighed almost a kilo and had a brain tissue within it," neuro-surgeon Sisir Das told reporters here Sunday evening.

The surgery was conducted at Kolkata's Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals July 28. The healthy baby boy and his poor parents returned to Agartala Sunday.

"I have never operated on such a big lesion. It was a very critical operation and slightest slip-up during the vital surgery might have ended the life of the baby," said Das, who led the team of doctors.

"Just to deliver the kid back to his young mother was a challenge as they came all the way from a remote village of Tripura," he said.

"The baby was distressed by the rare disease called encephalomeningocele, found in one in 40,000-45,000 babies," said the neuro-surgeon, who also hails from Tripura.

Tofajjal's father Shah Alam Mia and mother Sabia Khatun, residents of Machima village in western Tripura, 70 km west of Agartala, were also present with the doctors at the Agartala Press Club here.

"After most of the doctors and relatives in Tripura told us that our baby would not be cured and he might die soon, we took him to Kolkata in a critical condition," said Shah Alam Mia, who works as a driver on a private vehicle.

Sabia Khatun said: "None said that my child would live. But with the blessings of Allah, I am taking him back home."


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Not a single HOSPITAL of national importance (in terms of QUALITY and TRUSTED brand) exists in TRIPURA which is a must for those HELPLESS PEOPLE of state who has to RUN AROUND and RUSH to Chennai and other cities for TREATMENT even during those CRITICAL hours of life! Need of the hour is to go PROACTIVE and INVITE best of the BRANDS available (e.g FORTIS, APPOLO, MANIPAL Hospitals) to set up their HOSPITAL CHAINS at AGARTALA. IMPOSSIBLE - just means I AM POSSIBLE! If India need to catch up with developed part of the world,the most strategically placed Northeast (especially TRIPURA) need to be made into a developed region in the shortest possible time! I strongly believe TRIPURA govt (in close co-ordination with Center,other concerned dignitaries & all corporate visionaries) can certainly achieve this sooner rather than late,which would definitely give its people a better employment opportunities,a better healthcare,a better access to quality education and a quality lifestyle!

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