Unauthorised photographing of reactor: One more worker held

Unauthorised photographing of reactor: One more worker held

Kancheepuram (TN): Police investigating the case of unauthorised photography of sensitive areas in the Madras Atomic Power Station have arrested one more contract worker and seized from him pictures of a reactor and computer peripherals.

Lokanathan, an Electrical and Electronics Engineering diploma holder and employed as onsite contract worker at the MPAS complex at nearby Kalpakkam, was arrested on Saturday, police said.

He was detained based on the interrogation of Sharif Ali, arrested on August 6 for allegedly possessing 400 photos of the BHAVINI Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor in pendrives and a mobile phone, they said.

Ali, also a contract worker, has been remanded in judicial custody last week at the end of the interrogation.

Police said pictures of the PFBR as well as computor peripeherals were siezed from Lokanathan, arrested under Sections 18 of Atomic Energy Act,1962.

Police sources said the National Intelligence Agency had been kept informed about the progress of the probe.

The case might be handed over to the NIA, which has shown keen interest in it after the police filed the chargesheet, they added.


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