Varanasi ascetic held for raping woman

Varanasi ascetic held for raping woman

Lucknow: A 32-year-old ascetic was arrested in Varanasi on Friday after a woman alleged that he raped her when she took refuge in his "ashram" after her hutment was ravaged by floods, police said.

The 40-year-old woman said the ascetic, Avdheshanand, raped her on Wednesday night and then threatened her with dire consequences if she spoke of the incident to anyone.

Police said the incident occurred in Yamuneshwar Ashram in Varanasi.

The complainant is a Dalit resident of Jaunpur district.

"A case has been registered in the Adampur police station. After the arrest of the seer, legal action is being taken," an official said, adding that the woman would be sent for a medical examination.


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I sincerely feel that life imprisonment or death penalty for a rapist is too simple a punishment and an easy way out for the rapist. He should be castrated and then publicly flogged after stripping off his clothes including under garments, every day for a period of at least, for five years.

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