Bharat Bhagya Vidhata – the person who determines India’s destiny. The citizen of the Republic of India.

Every 5 years we are called upon to cast our vote for a candidate of our choice. But what are the issues that matter to India?

We hear about terms like secularism and communalism, but do these terms or fighting elections on these terms make India a better place to live in? Do they deal with us being safer, for food being cheaper, for our children getting a better education, us getting better healthcare? What about infrastructure for a growing population, jobs for future generations – what are the issues that matter to the citizen, and how do we get empowered to get the politicians to talk about the issues that matter to us?

Bharat Bhagya Vidhata is a Zee Media Initiative that runs on all the ZMCL channels and DNA newspaper as well as the news group’s digital platforms. The aim is to empower the citizen with information, knowledge and a step by step guide to take action, within the constraints of the system – so that we the people of India can, not just make our electoral choice, but follow it up with demand for a better India that goes beyond slogans. Featuring the who is who of politics, business, civil society and citizen inputs the shows, the articles and the online content is aimed at providing us, the Indian citizens, with all the tools to make India truly great. So that we can rightly and proudly say to generations that come – we made the difference.

Come and be part of this initiative and become Bharat Bhagya Vidhata!