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Bihar Assembly Elections 2015 Results

Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha

Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha

The aim of the Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha is to establish a “really democratic Hindu State in Bharat, based on the culture and tradition to Hindu Rashtra and to re-establish Akhand Bharat by all constitutional means”. The party's website says the ABHM “bears faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India as established by Law and to the principles of Socialism, Secularism and Democracy and would uphold Sovereignty, Unity and Integrity of India.”

  • Total
  • Won
  • Leading

Candidates Contesting

  • Candidate
  • Constituency
  • Status
  • Abhimanyu Kumar "Manish"
  • Taraiya
  • Lost
  • Sunil Kumar Mishra
  • Digha
  • Lost

Bihar Elections 2015 Photos