Looking forward to future with Anurag: Kalki

Looking forward to future with Anurag: KalkiJust a movie old, effervescent and exuberant beauty Kalki Koechlin has already proven her mettle with a gutsy portrayal of a seductive teenage prostitute in ‘Dev D’. The young lass, who is a known face in theater, is all set to take Bollywood by a storm with her offbeat characters and experimental approach. Already a hit with new age filmmakers, the stunning actress has some interesting projects up her sleeve.

On the sidelines of the ongoing Osian’s Film Festival, the lissome lass spoke to Shivangi Singh and Tanu Talwar of Spicezee.com about her love for acting and life with Anurag Kashyap.Spicezee: Do you think that film festivals help?

Kalki: Film festivals in my opinion are a must. They definitely help. In our country, I feel that they are really needed, as there are not enough avenues through which we can see the world cinema. There are so many films made all around the world, but sadly not much importance is given to world cinema in our country.

Spicezee: Do you feel that film festivals have evolved in our country?

Kalki: Yes, they have. I was recently attending the Venice Film festival and was inspired by a lot of films that I saw. Many films made me realize that a film need not have a message or have a serious theme. It could be just a simple comedy or a love story as long as the director is true to his vision.

Spicezee: You have written a number of theatre plays. What kind of formal training have you had in this regard?

Kalki: Well, I have graduated in drama. I had taken up acting during my college days. It’s my first and only love.

Spicezee: Is it true that you have written the script of your next film with Anurag Kashyap?

Kalki: Yes. I had written a rough draft and then Anurag worked on it. I had a blast writing it. But I can’t talk much about it.

Spicezee: So what’s the genre of the film?

Kalki: It’s an edgy thriller and we have already shot a large part of it. I have written the dialogues for the film as Anurag thinks I am better at it. Anurag gets too involved with other aspects of film making. He had narrated the story to me a year ago and besides acting in it he also asked me to write it.Spicezee: And how tough is Anurag on sets?

Kalki: Oh, he is not at all strict. He is extremely easy-going and gives all his actors ample space. He is a very open-minded filmmaker, who gives his actors a lot of creative freedom.

Spicezee: These days not many stars like to discuss their love affairs. But you have always been open about your affair with Anurag. Do you think you have grown as an individual being with him?

Kalki: See the only reason this relationship worked was because we gave each other space to grow. I think that we have matured over the year. We have a very intense relationship, but we really understand each other and I feel that’s one of the main reasons that we are still together and happy.

Spicezee: So is direction on the cards?

Kalki: No. I don`t think I could ever direct anything; I simply don`t have the skill for it. Writing is different because I majored in scriptwriting and I have a theatre background. Although I have never sat down to write or anything like that. I just go with the moment when I am writing. It is like when something suddenly comes to you and you just know how it’s supposed to happen.Spicezee: Do you ever regret being open about your relationship?

Kalki: Why should I hide it? I think when you stay honest to yourself, it works better. I feel great that I never hid my relationship. I am happy right now and I have not yet started thinking about the future.

Spicezee: But do you see yourself having a future with Anurag?

Kalki: Yes of course. I hope there is.

Spicezee: What does your name Kalki mean?

Kalki: (Laughs) It means the last avatar of Lord Vishnu. I have it as my mother was a devotee of the Lord.

Spicezee: Besides Anurag’s film which other projects are you working in?

Kalki: I am working with a debutant director Bijoy Nambiar in `Shaitaan` and Kaizad Gustaad in `Meter Down`.