I have a special someone, says Soha Ali Khan

I have a special someone, says Soha Ali KhanKnown for her classy choice of roles and power packed performances, Soha Ali Khan has craved a niche for herself in filmdom. Away from the shadow of her overtly famous brother Saif and her influential mother Sharmila, the stunner has paved her own way, leaping from one blockbuster to another. Setting her sights high, the sizzler who braved the risk to star opposite Bollywood’s serial kisser Emraan in ‘Tum Mile’, she spoke to Tanu Talwar of Spicezee.com about her work, life and a very special someone. Tanu:How did ‘Tum Mile’ happen?

Soha:It was just one day; Kunal Deshmukh came up to me with a script that was based on the Mumbai floods. I had a torrential time during the entire flood episode, so I could relate to it and that’s when I agreed to do the flick.

Tanu:So you had no inhibitions in working with serial kisser Emraan Hashmi?

Soha: (Laughs) When Kunal told me that Emraan was the lead actor I simply asked him, how many kisses? Though initially he promised one, it became two as we went on with the shooting. But on a serious note, I think Emraan is an extremely professional actor and is thorough gentleman. It was fun working with him.

Tanu:Tell us about your role in the film?

Soha:I play a girl named Sanjana. She has gone to study in Cape Town. She is a typical 21st century girl. She comes from a wealthy family. She is secure, romantic and wants to fall in love but without compromising on her pride.

Tanu:The film shows you in a live-in relationship. What’s your take on such relationships?

Soha:I live and work in Mumbai and I have a lot of friends who are having live-ins. They are trying to find a balance between their love and professional lives. In the film, I play a character, who has a live-in relationship but wants it to cumulate into marriage. She wants a future, but is forced to take a stand when her lover doesn’t meet up to her commitment level. Nevertheless, things change after the floods that strike the city.

Tanu:It’s been reported that after ‘Tum Mile’ you have become hydrophobic…

Soha:Yes, I am scared to even take a shower now. In the middle of the night, I wake up shouting. I have nightmares wherein I see my director shouting at the crewmembers instructing them to make us wet.

Tanu:What was the one sequence that you found extremely taxing?

Soha:There was this underwater sequence that was very scary. There was this room filled with water and we had to shoot underwater. It was very claustrophobic and frightening.

Tanu:So what’s next?

Soha:I have three films lined up. There is one in English with my mother. It’s called ‘Life Goes On’. Then there is ‘Tera Kya Hoga Johnny’ with Neil Nitin Mukesh and ‘Ek Accident’.

Tanu:How was it working with your mother?

Soha:It was a little scary. She is a formidable actor and I was a bit nervous. Also it’s difficult to work with someone who knows you that closely.

Tanu:Is it true that you declined to work with Shiney Ahuja after his jail return?

Soha:No, not at all. And why should I? I am professional actress and I don’t feel good about backing out on my commitments. In fact ‘Ek Accident’ that is with Shiney will finish in 3-4 days. For me the only concern will be into get back in the character, as it’s been quite long since the movie was stalled.

Tanu:Is there any special actor that you are keen to work with?

Soha:I have worked with quite a few top-notch actors. I have worked with Aamir in ‘Rang De Basanti’. I have been his big fan. As for other actors, I am open to work with any actor who is professional.

Tanu:Your love life is being constantly speculated about. Don’t you feel the need to clarify?

Soha:No, and I love it. Journalists are free to write whatever they wish to. I am a very private person and don’t feel the need to share personal matters.

Tanu:But is there someone special?

Soha:Yes there is that one person. But it’s a secret and I don’t wish to divulge his name.

Tanu:So what’s the one thing that bugs you?

Soha:It’s the constant queries about my brother and Kareena. I really don’t know when they will marry. I really like them both. I wish them happiness. I like Kareena and I think she makes my brother happy but beyond this there isn’t anything that I can say.

Tanu:And how do you beat the blues?

Soha:I go for massages. I sleep and enjoy movie marathons.