'I will work with Shiney only if he is given a clean chit'

`I will work with Shiney only if he is given a clean chit`One of the most-acclaimed directors today, Anurag Basu, has won rave reviews for his offbeat treatment of the forbidden aspects of life. Be it adultery or the complexities of married life, the talented taskmaster has churned out one blockbuster after the other, based on such topics. And now, with his most awaited movie ‘Kites’ being delayed time and again, it’s the controversies surrounding the film that is keeping Anurag busy.

Talking to Tanu Talwar of Spicezee.com, the director spoke about his yet to release ‘Kites’, good pal Shiney Ahuja and the sizzling hot chemistry between Hrithik and Barbara Mori.

Tanu: Your films are centered on dark passions and crimes and are based on subjects like adultery and murder. What’s it about the forbidden that attracts you?

Anurag: See, I feel that there is no fun in living by the rules. You enjoy an apple more when it’s stolen, not when you have paid for it. And there is a lot of attraction in going after the forbidden.

Tanu: And what’s your passion for forbidden inspired from?

Anurag: I am inspired by the forbidden love in my own life.

Tanu: What’s the forbidden aspect in ‘Kites’?

Anurag: It’s the love between couples that is forbidden. Against the popular opinion, I would like to state that the film is not about a love triangle. But I can’t say much as I don’t wish to divulge the story line.

Tanu: What’s the reason behind ‘Kites’ delay?

Anurag: There are many aspects of the film related to post production that needs to be worked out and that’s what causing the delay.

Tanu: But don’t you feel that the film has been long overdue?

Anurag: Of course, it’s over due. ‘Kites’ is flying, flying and flying and I am eagerly waiting for it to land. There are so many expectations from the film. I hope we are able to deliver as per people’s hopes. The one thing I can say for sure about ‘Kites’ is that it’s the most different film I have ever made. And not only me, even the actors in the film have not played any role like this ever.

Tanu: So, when is the film expected to release now?

Anurag: Well, it will hit screens next summer.

Tanu: There were reports that your rift with Rakesh Roshan was holding up the film?

Anurag: Rakesh and I had differences, but they were only creative tiffs. However, I can assure you that it’s not the reason for the film’s delay. We both want the film to release as quickly as possible. As to what caused a rift, I should tell you that a relationship between a producer and a director is always strained. It’s like a husband and wife’s relationship. There will always be differences, but nothing so catastrophic that a film will be stalled.

Tanu: How did Barbara Mori get on-board?
Anurag: When I decided to make ‘Kites’, I wanted to make it with an international face but didn’t want to cast someone of high profile. We auditioned a lot of actresses for the role, but when I saw Barbara I knew that she would fit the role perfectly. I knew that it had to be her. After auditioning her, I saw her film ‘My Brother’s Wife’ that were running in theatres at that time. I found her acting very engrossing and decided to sign her for the film.

Tanu: A lot has been reported about Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori’s proximity that might have materialized into an affair. Did you see any sparks flying?

Anurag: Oh, they have an amazing chemistry! In fact, ‘Kites’ would not have been what it is had it not been for these two. But the chemistry was only onscreen. I feel that the whole issue concerning Hrithik and Barbara was blown out of proportion. It was all just a speculation. If there were reports that Hrithik and Barbara were hanging out together at a certain place, then why wasn’t it reported that the crew of the film was with them.

Tanu: But how do you think that the whole Hrithik-Barbara controversy has affected ‘Kites’?

Anurag: I think it has affected it in a very good way. Why I say that is because everyone was talking about ‘Kites’ and that is just free publicity. Right?

Tanu: So how was it working with Barbara? Did you face any language problem?

Anurag: Oh, it was very interesting. She is very professional. And yes, there was a huge language problem. She could understand very little English and with my accent, it became close to impossible for her to get my instructions. But with time we started commuting through sign language.

Tanu: Whom do you feel Hrithik has better chemistry with - Kangana or Barbara?

Anurag: I think with both. It had to be that way. Kangana’s role is very integral to the film. She is not in love with Hrithik in the film, but is obsessed with him.

Tanu: You have done a number of films with Shiney Ahuja. After he has been accused of rape will you still work with him?

Anurag: I have always stood by Shiney. I have made many movies with him and always vouched for his clean character. But I will work with him only if he is given a clean chit and proved innocent.