I can’t work as hard as Aishwarya: Sushmita Sen

I can’t work as hard as Aishwarya: Sushmita SenFormer Miss Universe Sushmita Sen is known to be a brave person. The actress, who is known for living life on her own terms, may not have won accolades for acting histrionics, but she’s surely an icon for many across the world.

In a candid interview with Swati Chaturvedi of Spicezee.com on her chat show Kahiye Janab, Sushmita opened up on her philosophy of life and revealed about her supposed rivalry with the very successful Aishwarya Rai.


Swati: Do you think that you haven’t been very successful in the film industry because you’re very intelligent?

Sushmita: It’s ironical to say that being intelligent is a barrier for success, and we have intelligent filmmakers here. But I think the heroines who behave dumb are actually very intelligent as they know the talent of acting dumb. But I’m not like that; my face speaks everything, which is why people call me spontaneous.

Swati: You made India very proud at the Miss Universe pageant, but there has been a constant comparison between you and your contemporary Ash (Aishwarya Rai). She became very successful after the pageant, and has also become the Bachchan bahu. Is the supposed competition still on between you and Ash?

Sushmita: See, people who feel we are rivals need to realise that Ash has lived life on her terms, but that’s who she is. I’ve seen Ash working very hard on the film sets, I can’t do it. I don’t work more than 8 hours a day. At times, people get angry with me because of this, but I can’t work more than that. For 8 hours, when I’m working, I won’t trouble you. I would even skip my lunch and work constantly, but thereafter I want to go home, switch off my phone…then I don’t exist.Swati: So is it because of this that people call you temperamental?

Sushmita: Well, when you don’t get your way, you become temperamental. But I would say that I’m very professional.

Swati: Do you feel that because you’re not associated with any camp in the industry or because you don’t sabotage, your potential couldn’t be realised?

Sushmita: If my potential was dependent on camps, I would be associated with all the camps (laughs). But the point is that I do not understand all of this. May be it wasn’t my time. I’d say my time starts now.

Swati: What would you say about the concept of being ‘size-zero’? Do you think can anything be as unhealthy as that?

Sushmita: Well, we should know that there’s nothing called ‘size-zero’. It’s just created by the beauty world. But when you strive to achieve that ‘zero’ you become unhealthy. I’d say ‘you should be healthy, you should be fit and you should be you’.

Swati: How did you feel when your weight gain became like a national issue?

Sushmita: I was shocked, because Indian media and the audience have always loved me. When this story was out, I didn’t feel bad about myself because I’m besharam. But to see what had happened to the people of the country - shocked me. I thought my country was not like this. The way this campaign was handled – well, I didn’t like it.

Swati: You recently got a new baby, so has Renee been a little jealous or something like that?

Sushmita: Not at all. God’s been very kind. There’s 10 years of difference between the two. Renee is like a little mother to her. She would always say, ‘I want to carry her’. She’s glad that Alisah too is born from heart.Swati: Now, if you get married, do you think people would call it a ‘natural family’?

Sushmita: Of course, it would be a natural family. But if you say socially acceptable, I’d say marriage to me is not on paper, it’s not a zabardasti, it’s a celebration of choice.

Swati: Apart from the Miss Universe glory, what have been the defining moments of your life?

Sushmita: Oh, that was a different experience. But standing in the High Court, for Renee’s adoption at the age of 24… oh my God! After the verdict was out, I cried so much that day, I cried so much in the court…That was a different achievement.

Swati: How do you like the idea of buying an IPL team after facing a downfall in the filmi career?

Sushmita: Why not! In the film industry, there is surely a time span for actresses. And there’s nothing wrong in accepting it. So you can take bow and say I’m done!

Adaptation: Bhavna Khullar