Sonam’s standards are very high: Shahid

Sonam’s standards are very high: ShahidAs ‘Mausam’ earns Rs 9 crore at Box Office on its opening day, Shahid and Sonam are being applauded for their convincing portrayals of Harry and Aayat respectively in the movie, a sensitive cross-community love story, which is a right mix of art and mainstream cinema.’s Swati Chaturvedi caught up with the wonderful pair on her show Kahiye Janab.

Following are the excerpts:Swati: There have been many changes in you Shahid in the last three years.

Sonam: That’s standard style. Every three months Shahid has to change his hair style. He has nice hair like my father. It was my father’s USP and now Shahid has the same. I loved his advertisement where his hair was bouncing.

Swati: What’s your say on rumours that you both didn’t like each other?

Sonam: Who has given you this story? We have gone shopping together.

Shahid: Sonam’s standards are very high.

Swati: You have completely devoted two years for ‘Mausam’...

Shahid: Yes, though Sonam did one or two films in between but she has given her blood, sweat and tears to ‘Mausam’.

Sonam: There are many scenes where I have cried and as far as blood is concerned, Shahid has thrown me around in the film. He has flung me around couple of times while shooting for the film.Swati: How was your experience of flinging? I thought you were a lover boy...

Shahid: (Laughing) I carried Sonam so gently. It is a passionate film and I flung her like I used to fly aircraft.

Swati: Does this apply to real life too?

Sonam: Honestly speaking he is a very sharif(decent) baby. People just speculate about him because he just doesn’t speak that much. I have known him for two years there’s nothing as such.

Swati: Are you single?

Shahid: For all the wonderful, beautiful ladies I’ll be single forever.

Swati: You have been alleged of having affairs. What’s your reaction?

Shahid: You are saying that those were allegations, so there’s nothing for me to say. I don’t like such talk about girls.

Swati: You don’t kiss and tell?

Shahid: Definitely not. I don’t even meet and tell.

Swati: How was it working with Shahid?

Sonam: It was fantastic and superb. Arrogant is not the right word which should be applied to him. It’s strange that people call him arrogant. He can be moody, but I don’t know any actor who is not moody. Shahid is reserved.

Swati: How would you say that you have changed in these three and a half years?

Sonam: I am now not socially shy. I have let myself go a lot. I did ‘Mausam’ because I respect Pankaj Kapoor as an actor. I completely submitted to him. I enjoyed ‘Mausam’ as it helped me let go.

Swati: Every actor has nakhras, so how was it working with your father?

Shahid: In my generation, I haven’t seen actors with nakhras and I haven’t worked with different generations so maybe I don’t know. It is different working with your father, but eventually it is an actor-director relationship.

He was a bit soft with Sonam. An actress part in a romantic film is very important so it was very important for both of them to get together. Dad and Sonam struck the right chord from the very start.

Swati: Nobody felt left out…

Sonam: Why would I feel left out? I felt more in place to a certain extent. Shahid sometimes didn’t know where his place was. Sometimes he didn’t know where he has to be the son and actor.

I knew where my place was. It was a very defined relationship between a director and an actor.Swati: How was it special working with your father?

Shahid: To see him show you a shot. I would give up everything to enjoy that moment of him showing me how to give a shot. He is just a fabulous actor. Just to be there when he is explaining a scene to you and he starts telling about what you would be going through as an actor, it is just a beautiful experience to see him transform.

Swati: What are the similarities in terms of emotional commonalities. How much are you your father’s son?

Shahid: I came to Mumbai when I was ten and gradually I got to know my father. But in the last 4-5 years, we have become very close. We stay right next to each other and I am with him almost all the time. But you don’t get to experience each other at work place. When we worked together, I realised we were quite similar in our approach towards work….

Sometimes it is a huge benefit, but sometimes it becomes an issue as we both are similar and can have clashes, but a father is always right. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing him in his creative space.

Sonam and I gained from him as an actor and I, myself as a son.

Adapted by: Biplob Ghosal