Aishwarya hit by ‘perfection syndrome’?

By Bikas Bhagat | Updated: May 20, 2012, 14:23 PM IST

Celebs lead a complicated life. It gets even trickier when some of them are better known for their public conduct than their real profession. Fans start to make idols out of their stars and then everything- from their dressing sense to their weight - needs to be prim and proper.<br/><br/>Aishwarya Rai is the latest celebrity to be hit by the 'perfection syndrome'. Recently, the internet was abuzz with posts about Rai's shape and weight the moment her post-delivery photos appeared in public domain.<br/><br/>While critics started to question as to why Ash was not looking perfect for she has over the years projected herself as the quintessential beauty; with not a hair out of place and a practiced giggle in place, the lady seems completely unflustered. <br/><br/>I believe she has learnt to become comfortable with herself and say it to all that this is who she is.<br/><br/>Ash is currently in one of the most beautiful phases of her life. Her child is just five months old and, I think, one needs to applaud her that after having looked so perfect for years, she had the guts to come out and attend a public event in her present form. <br/><br/>As a matter of fact, I feel that it is encouraging. People have a problem when a celeb’s pic is technologically upgraded and is lightened resulting which dark skinned girls who see those pictures feel inferior and lose confidence. So it should really be a saving grace here, when a not-so-slim Aishwarya suddenly turns ups in a chubby avatar. Imagine the relief of those umpteen not-so-fit women who see her as an inspiration?<br/><br/>Have you ever wondered what is stopping Aishwarya from becoming fit? For someone who has all the luxuries, trainers and dieticians at beck and call, why is Aishwarya neglecting her exercise and constantly gaining weight? <br/><br/>Maybe she doesn’t want to get into that super fit mould. And I think that’s absolutely fine. There are so many stars who go in for post delivery surgeries. Ash is doing nothing of that sort and in fact is enjoying her motherhood and not bothering about her weight too much, which sets a good precedence for many women around the globe.<br/><br/>Today in the urban society, new mothers really go through a lot. The pressure to get back into shape after the birth of a baby is intense. Ash has proved that she is not one of those ‘yummy mummies’ who would head straight to the plastic surgeon after coming out of the labour room in order to fit into that single-digit size evening gown at a film premiere. Rather she chose to be herself and make life easier for those young mothers who refuse to breast feed their kids for fear of losing their curves. There are others who go so far as to say that they don’t want to ‘spoil’ their figures by having a baby in the first place. It is such a pity.<br/><br/>Ash, just made millions realise that sometimes you just have to accept the way you are, because in the grand scheme of things, it's a small price to pay for the wonderful bundle you have!<br/><br/>Moreover, I feel unfair to crticise Ash for those flabby pictures on the papers. It’s a known fact that sometimes the camera angles are so bad; they make you look much more obese than you actually are.<br/><br/>And, if anyone should be more concerned about Ash’s weight, it should be the beauty brand L’Oreal for she is the brand ambassador of the company. But, according to latest news, even they have invited her to the Cannes this year, which shows that life is not just about creating picture-perfect images but much more than that!