An open letter to God; set religion free

Updated: Dec 21, 2014, 16:34 PM IST




Dear God,

I don't know whether you are hearing our prayers or if any time in the near future you would indeed reach out to us. But the helplessness that has encircled me in the recent wake of deathly acts has completely choked the life out of me.

I was taught in school that all of us are the children of God, every child is unique and each one is special in your eyes.

Being human is a given, but keeping our humanity is a choice. But, mankind has rarely sunk as low as the world witnessed with the Peshawar attack recently. 141 innocent lives taken in your name in Pakistan, all by Taliban - aren't they your children too?

As I grew up, all the fables that I had inscribed on my mind proved to be just fables. Religious tolerance, respect towards others' faith, and that God is one – started to ring hollow as I experienced the adverse reality.

Killings, rapes, looting – all in the name of religion. People have turned hostile against their own, blood is spilled by humans against their own race.

We do not need to be protected from an external race or aliens. We have already proved that we are our own worst enemies.

I spent a sleepless night recalling the horrific accounts of terror and crime that humans have blanketed themselves in the name of religion and other fantasies they themselves can best explain.

Somewhere a mother is raped, somewhere a daughter is sacrificed in the name of honour killing, then again somewhere innocent lives are snuffed out by a handful of terrorists in the name of revenge. A revenge they themselves cannot explain to even you.

I do not know if there is such a place as hell or heaven. But I can assure you that hell is a living reality on Earth today. Day by day, I am nauseated by the spate of events that have cropped up.

This is not human. If this is human, then I prefer going the devil's way.

If this is what being modern and being progressive has to offer, then I wish to regress to the past. Living in this constant fear and insecurity is becoming an insufferable task. The fear that haunts us of losing our loved ones because of fellow humans is shameful enough.

I see humans everywhere. But no humanity.

The gamble of life has never been more dangerous than now. Humanity has failed truly. The world and the life created by you is not following your path anymore. Because when one has to hold protests and candle-light vigil to condemn the killing of children, it is when humaneness has left us.

Even a stray dog shows more compassion towards its own kind than us humans. In the race to become more progressive, we have turned cold-blooded. No compassion, no sympathy, no hope for a better mankind left.

If you can come down from your abode, then now is the right time.

Come and set religion free, so that a new humanity will begin again.

Yours sincerely,

A helpless soul