An open letter to God

By Rakesh Khar | Last Updated: Friday, April 27, 2012 - 16:15
Rakesh Khar
Wah Zindagi!

They say God does no wrong or God is simply incapable of doing anything wrong. God is thus meant only to be idolized and not demonized. I must say with a heavy heart that our God has been compromised. I know many among your millions of worshippers share the sentiment, but may not go public with their remorse.

Yes, indeed, you have been compromised! We have perhaps got used as nation to the ever rising scam inflation fuelled by many of our ‘respectable’ politicians or surrendering to a handful of men wielding the gun to hold us to ransom perpetually. But this has indeed shocked us beyond redemption: an icon who we decorated no less than a God has surrendered his soul to those the country mostly detests.

Did not millions and millions of Indians idolize you all these years just because they did not find anyone else (least of all politicians) worthy of such admiration and adoration? And, ironically you have chosen to embrace these very politicians who countrymen run away from to seek and find solace in your arms, literally.

You recently said on completing the godly feat of scoring ton of tons that you had bigger goals and you want to serve the public. Indeed, all these years you have just been doing that given your infinite superhuman strengths would well do so for many more years. But then, why have you chosen to abandon us all?

Every time you walked in a billion plus prayed together to wish you good luck but when you drove into 10 Janpath to pay obeisance for offering you a new House, the country was plunged into a state of shock and disbelief. You have chosen a company that has indeed compromised you for petty political gains soaking in your godly aura and the accompanying iconic youth appeal (since the indigenous youth icon himself had failed to deliver).

Every time you went out for a duck, when we expected you to score a hundred, a billion plus hearts got together to merely switch off the television set but never ever switch you off. You might have perhaps developed self doubt (remember the excruciating wait for the ton of tons) but not us. We indeed acknowledged that God too can fail at times but surely he does no wrong! Our faith was rock solid and unflinching until you allowed politics to play spoilsport.

But did you think even once (even when we credit you with the most mature head) about how you compromised your billions of fans all over the world when you accepted the “eminent person” tag from those (the ones who chose you and others who endorsed you) who we know are not eminent enough to give you a certificate? Did you not know that the country sees you as being above any tags not even from the lord of cricket Sir Donald Bradman? So what if he famously said he sees a shade of himself in you!

Did you ever think that we call you God simply because you did nothing wrong so far either on the field or off the field? But then how did you accept what does not belong to you? Did not you pay up all the extra taxes when you moved into you new house on being told of the potential violation but what happened when you signed up for the new House? Although you know very well you have no special knowledge of arts, literature, science or social science yet have chosen to play a new innings when you do not even qualify to play.

Politics is not your cup of tea: remember on deep provocation you maintained deep dignity when another gentleman from the game cut short a possible deserving double hundred. Not to suggest politicians who rule us are all demons but seeking a berth in the House is their karma and dharma not yours.

Yes, as you accepted the berth, you would have thought God is always meant to be idolized and not demonized? Indeed, only when God does no wrong!

(The writer is a senior journalist and Editor-Zee Research Group)

First Published: Friday, April 27, 2012 - 16:15

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