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By Swati Chaturvedi | Last Updated: Wednesday, April 13, 2011 - 18:06
Swati Chaturvedi

Dear Anna,

Since I had the pleasure of interviewing you (also the glee of scooping rivals. Very human), I have proof you exist unlike God.

This open letter unlike Narendra Modi's missive is not to extol your super-human virtues, but to ensure that you let the man with the infectious smile aka the Anna I met prevail over what is now an unseemly exercise in power politics.

Anna, please do not let the politicians (now waiting like vultures in the wings) prove to the people of India who believed in you that they were wrong.

Conventional wisdom has it that cricket and Bollywood unite us. You did as well. Please do not let us down. While it may be bad for my news business Anna, please stop giving interviews, bytes and get down to the business of drafting the Jan Lok Pal Bill. (Leave the bytes to Baba Ramdev, he seems deprived of his elixir).

Some of us and well meaning people too have deep misgivings about the abrogation of democratic function of law making away from Parliament.

While, I have some qualms I am not a negaholic and in any case am deeply sceptical about what these great repositories of parliamentary wisdom have achieved.

Anna, do not get into a scrap with Kapil Sibal. He is not worthy of an opponent like you. As you told me yourself, a man's vision is clouded by the colour of spectacles he wears.
You do not need to issue the Anna certificate of excellence in governance to Nitish Kumar and Narendra Modi. To have you with your halo at the moment is like manna for heaven for them.

Do not dissipate this pure energy by getting in to semantics such as videography.
I though in our interaction when you were actually on the fast that you were one of the purest souls I have every met.

Anna please hang on to that purity. And, make India proud.

Best Regards,


First Published: Wednesday, April 13, 2011 - 18:06

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