Are you there government, it`s me a voter!

Updated: Dec 24, 2012, 12:03 PM IST

Is the brutal Delhi gang-rape a tipping point for slow simmering rage felt by the citizens at the lack of even fundamental things such as a right to life and law and order while the politicians atop the pyramid, like ticks, grow fat on the blood of the body politic?

It`s too soon, but there is no denying that politicians across the spectrum have been woefully wrong footed. We have long been used to the idea of an imperfect democracy but peaceful protest is a basic and proud tenet of democracy and closing down metro stations, shutting down bridges and then lathi charging and using water cannons on what were initially a bunch of agitated and miserable young people is plain wrong. Where was the healing touch? Fine the government is supposed to govern but are they even doing that.

I do not understand the politics of Rahul Gandhi, his heart bled for Bhatta Parsaul and he rushed to grab the vote bank, but could not make the 5 km trip from his home to India Gate and reach out to the youth whose icon the Congress party calls him?

Sonia Gandhi and the Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, who have made a virtue out of silence could at least have said that we are as upset as you, the way president Barack Obama was one with America after the recent grade school massacre.

But, no six days after the event our invisible Prime Minister, who addressed the nation on FDI in retail, finally tweeted his anguish. Perceptible lack of following Dr Singh.

With three policemen for every so called VIP read politician and the rest of aam aadmi stuck with one for 700 people no wonder we are pretty much mango pulp for the criminals. Not to forget a mango pit for the politician to be used as vote machines and spat out.

Why is this government so uncomfortable with modern India where people have had enough of entrenched hereditary privilege? Why can`t they get used to democracy? And it`s not just the Congress party, across the spectrum all parties are slothfully out of touch with the new India.

It`s time to take back our cities from criminals, do our bit to change our existence since the well guarded politicians which also have a huge number of criminals in their ranks have a vested interest in the status quo that keeps them in business.

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