Arey Ruk Ja Re Bandeh

Updated: Jun 29, 2011, 16:23 PM IST

It’s just about 200 years since the invention of the engine, and we are already running out of petroleum. 150 golden years of plastic and we are running out of fresh air. Less than 100 years since man collided the nuclei of atom and human life becomes cheaper than a fountain pen. 250 years of mining and the planet starts shifting its tectonic plates.<br/><br/>We invented furniture and the rest of the species became homeless. There is not even a single place left on the Earth where you don't find garbage thrown by human beings and only 5000 tigers are left.<br/><br/>We've not even started yet and the end is clearly visible. Rise has its own speed, inertia and movement, but the fall is persistent and sudden. From Renaissance to the fall of Roman Empire; from the construction of the Great Wall, to the destruction of World War II, from Ashoka the great to Genghis Khan, from Gandhi 'the mahatma' to Hitler 'the maniac', human evolution has been a saga of greatest constructions and even greater destructions.<br/><br/>The devastating after-effects of revolutionary inventions kept haunting the minds of the so called geniuses time and again. Ours is a history of self-obliteration through our own constructive ideas. The hunger for power in the law of land leads to the starveling state of life. Though, life is no ordeal if you come to terms.<br/><br/>A lunatic approach towards a sudden and prolific development ends up scripting one’s own retardation.<br/><br/>The world today is not scared of tsunamis, cyclones, earthquakes or any other natural calamity. The Earth is capable enough to hold its own amidst the worst and the most deadly catastrophes. Even the outer space attacks in the form of asteroids or comets have been proved vague time and again to test the endurance of our blue heaven. <br/><br/>A soldier can fight enemies in or outside the boarder but if the line of control lies within the boundaries of his own body, he becomes weak. Human civilization is like a cancer feeding upon itself.<br/><br/>A few billion years ago, life had chosen Earth as her soldier to wage a war against death, which governs the vast, numb universe. Earth started her battle and was fighting well too, till dangerous bacteria attacked her, which was so ubiquitous that it spread all over and led to the deterioration of her health. It contaminated all the major weapons Earth was using in this battle.<br/><br/>This bacteria named Man crushed the courage of Earth under his ‘streetcar named desire’. In his blind race for development, man trampled upon life. Time and again, we all acted like the traitors who betray their own authority. Our growth is so fast and prolific that it exceeds the limited raw resources on which the foundation of this gradual advancement is based. What is the use of an engine if there is no fuel left for its torque?<br/><br/>Man has to slow down a bit or the wrath of nature will force him towards annihilation. As we all know, 'everything that has a beginning, has an end.' End is inevitable, but why make it a burden of sin for the whole mankind to carry forever.<br/><br/>It is better to be destroyed by a tsunami with all its baneful beauty, than to burn with the fatal radiations of a nuclear device and cry over our own imprudence. Why pluck a rose, by piercing the finger into the thorn, when one is sensible enough to understand that the beauty of rose lies in existence, with its sweet scent spreading all around.


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