‘Bat’ for your health, be happy!

This World Health Day that fell on April 7, Indians had all the reasons to feel fabulously healthy. For this year, they have been bestowed with the best ever magical medicine poured out in profusion to fill their heart cups to the brim.<br/><br/>It’s not the green tea with a sea of antioxidants. Neither is it a miraculous potion prepared by one of those saffron wrapped babas, by mixing a handful of mysterious herbs. And nor is it one of those finest varieties of Scotch imported fresh from the breweries of Scotland. For, Indians this time have been intoxicated with nothing less than ‘the whole world in a cup’. <br/><br/>Courtesy, Team India with a galaxy of cricketing stalwarts!<br/>All thanks to the 15-member squad spearheaded by once a ticket collector to the present cricket’s ‘Collector’ - MS Dhoni, along with the ‘God’ himself standing tall over the entire team in the form of little master blaster, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.<br/><br/>You might be tempted to quip in between with 'how come the World Cup trophy is going to be a cup full of health for them?’<br/><br/>Well, the answer lies in your very own thrills and hoots that floated and filled the whole firmament of the Saturday night, April 2nd, 2011, resonating with the vociferous victory of millions when MSD lifted up his bat for the final winning stroke, tossing the ball away for the sweetest six ever.<br/><br/>It’s now scientifically proven that more you feel good and happy, the stronger your immune system gets… T cells increase in number, fighting the common pathogens like cold and cough causing corona virus.<br/><br/>And this all - due to the so dubbed happiness hormone Dopamine and Serotonin. These are known to increase blood circulation, which in turn results in sufficient dollops of oxygen enriching each and every cell of the body. Oxygen, as we all must know, is the elixir of existence. It energizes our body cells, flushing out the pent-up metabolic waste, mainly CO2. This explains how getting good doses of happiness boosts your health. Happiness and feel good, which has now come to be synonymous with WORLD CUP.<br/>There is yet another aspect to the recent Cricket triumph that is going to ensure that a major chunk of Indians, especially those fond of bat and ball, remain in good shape.<br/><br/>Because statistics show that the sale of wooden cricket bats triples as the cricketing season draws near. That obviously translates into more and more people playing cricket.<br/>Cricket, being a strenuous sport makes sure that your stamina builds up… Thus, cricket takes care of your mental, emotional and physical well being, and that is what the general definition of health is.<br/><br/>I would also like to add one more aspect to this multifaceted game. And that would be ‘religion’. Besides, of the seven official religions being followed in India, cricket is fast turning out to be the eighth wonderful religion, with its god, unlike that of others', walking in flesh and blood, among us.<br/><br/>Now, you don’t deserve a prize for guessing that. Yes, it is Sachin of course!<br/><br/>Baptized as god for the first time by Matthew Hayden, Sachin proves to be an instant inspirer. Irrespective of whether one is interested in the bat and ball game, Sachin manages to move and motivate one and all. Such is the magic of little master's persona, that he can’t help transmitting positive energy into your subconscious.<br/><br/>You are fortunately compelled to believe in him. And Faith, having a strong faith is another prerequisite to leading a successfully healthy life.<br/><br/>Here's what some stalwarts have to say about Sachin…<br/><br/><b>Andrew Symonds:</b> Wrote on an Aussie T-shirt he autographed specially for Sachin. <br/><br/>"To Sachin, the man we all want to be."<br/><br/><b>A.R. Rahman:</b><br/><br/>“Well, I’m no Sachin Tendulkar you know, whenever he takes the field, people expect him to score a century before he loses his wicket.”<br/><br/><b>Yuvraj Singh:</b><br/><br/>“Sachin in Himself is a Bharat Ratna.”<br/><br/><b>Mathew Hayden:</b><br/><br/><br/>“I have seen GOD, he bats at No.4 for India in Tests.”<br/><br/>So, if people of such huge statures find him so divine, who are you and me, not to get inspired? And follow suit in our own personal and professional lives. Honesty, integrity, relentless hard work, and to letting work speak for itself, this is the least we can imbibe in our life.<br/><br/>So here is my prescription for great health - eat cricket, breathe cricket, and feel cricket…<br/><br/><br/>WORLD CUP IS OVER?<br/>So What…?<br/><br/>We did not have to wait for another downpour of sixes and fours.<br/><br/>Because since 8th April, it is again, raining bats and balls.<br/><br/>Welcome Indian Premier League…<br/><br/>Bat for your health.<br/><br/>Break into a jig, Jai Ho! And happy health to one and all!<br/><br/>


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