Being Salman Khan

Updated: Aug 27, 2014, 19:49 PM IST

I know for a fact that those who are staunch critics of Salman Khan wouldn’t appreciate this blog of mine, yet I have decided to pen my thoughts on him – as an actor, a human being and a public personality.

I don’t know him in person and have never even seen him in real life, but I wonder why every time people slam him, I stand tall defending him as if I were related to him. Now does that mean there’s some cosmic connection!

Whatever the reasons maybe, my heart convinces me to believe that he is one of the finest persons on earth with a heart of gold. He might have been projected as brash, headstrong and cranky by media, yet there is something about him that makes his fans go mad about him.

As an actor, he comes across as someone who doesn’t know how to act! Perhaps it comes so naturally to him that his detractors feel he is expressionless or misfit to be an actor. But I love the way he portrays his characters on screen, for he makes you forget everything else in the world but him. For me, he is a thorough entertainer who doesn’t work in films to display awards in his drawing room and consider them his prized possessions.

And I do admit that most of his films make no sense, but don’t they take you to a different world altogether! His films are not ‘NRI oriented stories’ or a magnificent piece of art that attains perfections at all levels. He is neither a ‘serial kisser’ nor a diehard romantic. He is what he is - a happy-go-lucky chap. The fact that he is a super entertainer can be ascertained by looking at this year’s Box Office collection.

Now, coming to the series of controversies this hunk has been carrying along for long, he is still fighting a case that holds him guilty of having poached a black buck. He is also held responsible for killing footpath dwellers in the wake of drunk driving.

The culprit must be punished at all cost and no one on earth can escape God’s verdict. But before pointing fingers at others shouldn’t we look at all the misdeeds we have committed in life? So rather being judgmental about someone without knowing what the truth is, one must give the so called accused a benefit of doubt.

No one on earth is a saint and for those who don’t know, Valmiki (one who wrote Ramayana), whom we all know as saint, was once a dacoit. When a hardened criminal can turn into saint, let’s be fair to Salman Khan.

This man has helped many aspiring actresses find a mention among the ‘A’ listers in Bollywood by bringing them under his umbrella. He has played godfather, mentor and guide to them in real and the women who have sought help from him know it for sure and wouldn’t ever deny admitting it.

His NGO `Being Human` lends a helping hand to the impoverished and the underprivileged by raising money through sales of merchandise - the most famous ones being the `Being Human` T-Shirts and watches. This man has been responsible for bringing about smiles on the faces of people who earlier felt hopeless.

His family is a classic example of cosmopolitanism and his upbringing truly humble.

Many find him grumpy and snobbish. He might look like one from outside but from within he is a simpleton and that’s what I believe. For me he is a like a coconut that’s hard to crack, but once you break it open you get its sweet water and tender pulp.

His name alone sells and his presence can draw the biggest of crowds. For me he is a lion-hearted human who loves being the way he is.

And make no mistake; I haven’t been paid to write good things about him as every single word has come straight from the heart.

Here’s wishing Salman Khan a very happy birthday. (Salman Khan celebrates his birthday on 27th December)

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