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Blackmail India

By Swati Chaturvedi | Last Updated: Thursday, May 10, 2012 - 15:32
Swati Chaturvedi

The epic tragedy that Air India has become, it needs to shut down immediately. There is no other way and gravy train of pilots, politicians and bureaucrats subsidised by us- the milch cow (the taxpayer) has to end.

Air India pilots are past masters at blackmail and the only fat cats in the world who have gouged out a deal where they have the misleadingly named performance-linked incentive which actually rewards them for flying less. Imagine an incentive to work less. Wouldn't we all love it?

Unfortunately it only happens in Air India. The airline indiscriminately upgrades all politicians and government officials to their otherwise empty first class after they buy the basic economy ticket.

The two politicians and bureaucrats have turned in to the new freedom fighters - they fight for everything to be free for them and their cronies do not want this flight to be aborted.

But, enough is enough, the industry average of support staff working on any aircraft is below 200 Air India has around 600 - people who do no work and are paid a tax payer subsidised salary.

Every Aviation Minister has systematically looted the airline but the murder of the Maharaja has to be laid at the hands of Praful Patel who presided over the ill-judged merger of Air India with Indian Airlines – the domestic carrier was, at one point, doing well and flying more international flights than Air India. In his zeal to help his numerous fat cat private airline owners and, off-course, buy aircraft, Patel systematically wrecked the Indian flag carrier.

And, who suffers? People pay upwards of Rs 5000 to fly, at times of emergencies.

And, the next time you writhe in pain at paying these usurious charges, do remember that the UPA government has allowed the private airport companies to charge the highest landing fees in the world to favoured companies. The airlines pass it on to us the real mugs.

If Air India is not running on commercial considerations then why should we pay for it?

Euthanasia is the only answer.

RIP Air India.

First Published: Thursday, May 10, 2012 - 15:32

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