Celeb poison – Success!

Updated: Oct 06, 2010, 11:44 AM IST

Success … is a golden word. right? Chased by all, achieved by some and managed by even fewer, success is not meant for everyone. Just like failure that is hard to accept and even harder to overcome, success is hard to attain and even tougher to ‘sanely’ sustain. I say ‘sanely’, because success is perhaps the most intoxicating drug that can make one lose his good sense of judgment. <br/><br/>And this is particularly true in filmdom, wherein there is a growing trend of sudden sensations losing grip on reality. In an attempt to embrace their new found stardom, they shun their past lives, lovers, as they desperately try to clinch to a new dil, dosti et al.<br/><br/>Strange but true … it’s not just new-bees who are going gaga and opting for a life makeover, but also experienced actors who have gone for a ‘life-lift’ after success struck them. And what better way to flaunting their sudden stardom than to get a newer, shiner and sleeker arm-candy!<br/><br/>Shocking might be the propensity with which this trend has become a new fad that everyone wants to flash these days, but it’s happening nevertheless. Right from top-notch sport-stars to overnight hit actors, time and again, it has sadly but evidently been seen that it takes much more than just sheer talent to persevere with success. <br/><br/>Leaving a few stalwarts, success has got the better of scores of celebrities. And while golf superstar Tiger Woods, footie Wayne Rooney and actor Saif Ali Khan are a few known examples of men who strayed there are some like Arshad Warsi who are itching to follow suit. <br/><br/>And even though there are several high brow side-effects of a person’s achievements, it’s a fall out with spouse that is perhaps the most common proof of untenable success.<br/><br/>Right from Aamir Khan to Saif Ali Khan to Arshad Warsi to Freida Pinto to the Hollywood counterparts like Ashley Cole, Tiger Woods and Brad Pitt, there are numerous case studies of men abandoning their wives for a shiner model wife trophy. <br/><br/>Remember the awe-smashing success of ‘Lagaan’, that not only broke the Box Office records but also Aamir’s marriage, for it was on the sets of this biggie that Aamir got involved with Kiran Rao. Leaving his partner of years Reena, Aamir went to marry the ‘very talented’ (as he loves to call her) Kiran.<br/><br/>Following him closely is Saif Ali Khan, who after marrying Amrita Singh, left her high and dry the moment he hit big with his first hit solo project ‘Hum Tum’. Following numerous link up reports with his co-stars like Preity Zinta and several others, Saif booted out Amrita when he took to Italian beauty Rosa. <br/><br/>And while golf ace Tiger Woods and footie Ashley Cole’s sexcapades are no comparison for our B-town celebs, our desi actors are dying to ape the foreign way. Take for instance Arshad Warsi, who ever since his ‘Ishqiya’ high, has been in news for his alleged romantic relationship with Dia Mirza. <br/><br/>And Warsi has made no attempts to hide his growing fondness for the Mirza lass. Flaunting his affection at press events and social parties, Arshad’s marriage was on the verge of a split when strong criticism from friends and family restored Arshad and Maria abode.<br/> <br/>And while these are relatively new instances, superstar and legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan’s happy home was too threatened when his skyrocketing stardom made him a hit with yesteryears beauty Rekha. Married to Jaya Bhadhuri much before he hit fame, Amitabh and Rekha’s romance was at a peek when Big B turned into a superstar. Nevertheless, Jaya’s perseverance, concern for kids and social pressure made Amitabh stick to his marriage. <br/><br/>However, not everyone has been able to deal with fame so wisely. And many have ended losing more than they have gained. <br/><br/>

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