Clueless on Pakistan. The Prime Minister`s appeasement

By Swati Chaturvedi | Updated: Jan 14, 2013, 11:24 AM IST

It may have been from Abbotabad to eternity for Osama bin Laden as the United States showed steely eyed resolve in hunting him down but we are yet to have our Dawood moment for a similar crime.

Do our soldiers and ordinary citizens’ lives not matter to the mad hatters who like Alice in Wonderland seek peace with Pakistan? Playing cricket, normalising visa ties, allowing them the platform of our country to insult our martyrs and, of course, the nauseating spectacle of lighting candles at the Wagah border.

When will the deluded united Punjab brigade generation nostalgic for a lost homeland realise that the reason for Pakistan`s existence is a virulent hatred for India. That no amount of caving in as displayed by former Gah resident, Dr Manmohan Singh, such as the one displayed in Sharm el-Sheikh, will ever make Pakistan see reason.

Does the government realise the extent of the anger of the people at the brutal decapitation of our brave soldier and the disgusting history of Pakistan in this? Is Saurabh Kalia`s martyrdom after being tortured in vain?

This is the singular case where the PM`s desperation to go down in history possibly with a Nobel Peace Prize and rose tinted spectacles about Pakistan which is responsible for a blank screen as policy.

However, Pakistan a rogue state not averse to nuclear blackmail ups the ante government policy is to appease.

For the sake of our soldiers who are being treated as cannon fodder we need to stop this.

The time has come to ensure that Pakistan realises the depth of popular anger and that is not a smirking high commissioner summoned for the ritual rap on the knuckles in South Block complete with tea and biscuits.

Short of war, break all diplomatic ties. Tell the world that we will not acknowledge the rogue state whose only export is terrorists and terrorism till it is stopped. Dr Singh you might be surprised at the resonance that this finds in the world which does not think that Army-led terrorists are theek hai.