Day after the party

Updated: Jan 05, 2012, 13:01 PM IST

Opening his sticky eyes to the first rays of light falling through the blinds, he came to life. Waking up to the stench of rank victuals and spilled cocktails, he remembers last night’s soiree - a room strewn with guests. Lying awake in his makeshift bed, he wears a blank look as he tries to recollect all those pretty faces (and some not so pleasant ones too) that he met the evening before. <br><br>

His head is heavy, his body aches and the world is spinning like a ferry-wheel. There is a metallic taste in his mouth, it’s the hangover. He tries to get up from his bed but stumbles over. So, there he is, lying listless and awake with the bitter-sweet memories of yesterday’s rendezvous. A room, which until few hours ago was buzzing with creatures, is now a deserted place. There is a deadening calm in the disheveled room; a cracked picture frame, half-emptied bottles of Carlsberg, Bacardi, Vat 69, Absolut and polished plates of spaghetti and calzones are all what’s left for a smothering embrace. <br><br>

There are no giggles today. Who will laugh in a hollow room? He tries to dig into the past – delving upon yesterday night, replaying words and pictures in his mind’s eye. Was it Sunil who fought with Anubha in a drunken stupor? Did Vidhi reject Gaurav’s advances? Of course, he saw Vivan flirting with Surekha and Gunjan, Shweta sheepishly grinning at Rohan’s pathetic jokes. And how could he forget that fleeting kiss with Anjali! <br><br>

Scatterbrained, he drags himself out of the bed. He is feeling hungry, but there is nothing to eat. No milk, no eggs and no bread, there is absolutely nothing in the room. Scratching his hairy belly, he looks at his watch; it is twelve noon - time for a hot water bath. <br><br>

In the evening, he sets out to clean the room of its vestiges – junk stuff and memories. The room was clean, but memories remained. Dancing like shadows on the wall, the apparitions of last night’s guests had lingered on. <br><br>

How perfect was last night, he ruminated. It was a room bursting with friends and acquaintances. Unlike today, last night was the night of perfect bliss. <br><br>

When it became dark, his mind once again pulled him back to the last night’s party; his playful dalliance with Anjali was interspersed with occasional thoughts about tomorrow. Happy and content, he goes to sleep. His yesterday became history and tomorrow will be a promise of new beginnings. <br><br>