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Delhi gang-rape: When the animal escaped the zoo

By Gautam Bisht | Updated: Dec 30, 2012, 19:11 PM IST

When a gang of men were raping a vulnerable 23 year old medical student in the moving white line Delhi bus, there was a world outside busy performing fake mannerisms and upholding facades of civilizations. It was an uncanny moment in the truest Freudian sense.

No God, law and morality could hold back the human animal and his demonstration of the Darwinian Theory inside the bus. Delhi being a bluntly honest city, very often exposes human duality. As a result we all live in extreme paranoia, cynicism and fear of our very self, running away from an animal that dwells inside all of us.

It’s in the morning newspapers that we read stories about the unfamiliar act of rapes in familiar parts of our city. We make the story personal by putting our loved ones in the place of the victim and perhaps feel angry. Freud would have us believe that distancing ourselves from perpetrators of the heinous crime is like repressing the unconscious mind.

Research testifies that violence and sex are the key elements that gratify the masculine ego. Rape thus becomes a complex blend of pivotal male instincts. Rape then for some becomes an expression of male dominance. We live in a country where we worship the phallus and wholeheartedly practice patriarchy.

So it happens every day in every part of the country. We rape our own daughters and sisters and anyone we can lay our hands on. The 23 year old rape victim is now on a ventilator where doctor attend to her bruises. It all appears to be a futile exercise as nothing can reinstate her mental composure, perhaps she can never in her life have uninhibited sex…. if at all she pulls through.

Most of the times incidents like these are followed by interesting statements. Most of the times we manage to blame the victim. We manage to say things about her character and attire which makes rape appear a self imposed crime – pretty much like a suicide.

But then it often happens that women are unable to escape the male gaze that scans her.

Thus we try to live a life of denial where in a postlapsarian world we are busy hiding our nakedness with twigs of education, liberalization and gender equality.

One major reason that Delhi finds itself hosting such beastly carnivals is the economic hiatus that this city breeds, where modernity and barbarism co exist. Where an open minded medical student travels in the same bus where a gang of men pursuing odd jobs are hungry for a kind of revenge.

The only place in Delhi which manages gender subversion is the infamous Garstion Bastion road, where the girls have already overcome their biggest fears. Once when I was there I found myself so ashamed and self conscious that I glued my eyes to the floor. I was unable to look at any women around and was honestly threatened. Even with the regular customers, it was the women who dictated the terms. But no matter what, it isn’t a subversion women can be proud of.

Of all the crimes, thus it is rape that possibly shocks us the most. It is that delicate moment where curtains fall for the lousy show of women development. Behind the curtains is the detestable act that we secretly perform.