Delhi Rape: Dear GOI, please legalise female foeticide

By Ananya Bhattacharya | Last Updated: Apr 20, 2013, 17:36 PM IST

You cannot stop women from being brutally manhandled. You cannot put a full stop to the spate of crimes against women. You cannot eradicate all that we women go through. Admit it. Do what you can when the time is still ripe. Legalise female foeticide. That is perhaps the only step that you can take in order to ensure the safety of the species that will soon turn non-existent one way or the other – with your intervention or without.

Our tears too have run dry now. Over and over, again and again – for how long will we continue to bear with your excuses? For how long will the women of this country – mind you, the very same women whom you don’t leave any stone unturned in pedestalising as those goddesses whom you can’t stop worshipping, bear all of this? And then, inside the closed doors of homes, these are the same women who are slowly sent to their funeral pyres day in and day out.

Rage, anger, all those emotions have no place in our lives any longer. Whatever has been happening is beyond the understanding of faculties human. Satan himself would probably run away and hide in some corner – he too wouldn’t be safe in this country of mine.

We are taught – in the academic books – to hold our heads high and walk in the society. We are taught the doctrines of equality between men and women. And then, once armed with our shining degrees when we walk out into the real, ‘unadulterated’ world, we are molested, raped, torn apart by the male gaze. We cry out for help, and police officers ask us to be shut, hit us if we protest against the wrongs done to us. Then why raise our girls and let them be treated in such manners? Why not finish them in the womb itself? Some other country – where the basic survival of women is not a herculean task – can take upon itself the onus of furthering the human civilisation. India need not spare a thought about the collective good. If we can’t be granted the most basic of all rights – the right to live – why go through the sham of education and rights and all of that?

The December 16 incident hasn’t even begun to fade out and the Devil’s Paw has struck again. In front of our very noses, a child was diabolically raped – a five year old child – and what did the administrating officers do? Tried to bribe the family of the child a sum of 2,000 rupees to keep their mouths shut.

Everyone will decry the incident, no doubts about that. You’ll call this day a ‘black day in the history of the country’, no doubts about that too. But deep within, the bunch of so-called well-wishers of the country knows the truth – every single day in your territory is ebony-black. There’s no ray of hope for women in India – accept the fact and get to work.

The only way you can put a smile on the faces of the men – and probably on the faces of the invisible women too – is by legalising female foeticide. Kill them before someone else can scar them – before someone else – in your words, can “tarnish their reputations”. But you know what? All the excuses have turned excruciatingly bland now. All the time anyone comes out and expresses “sorrow, grief, anxiety” and so on and so forth, the people of your country cringe in disgust at the un-felt words. This is the harsh truth.

Don’t worry about us. We will be happy in some other place…. where demoniacal claws don’t come to rip us apart. Where venom is not spewed at us and we are not told that it is our fault that we have been raped. Nothing – no damn excuse fits into the evil that we have to deal with everyday.

In the immortal words of Danny Archer, the state of India too can summed up so: “Sometimes I wonder: Will God ever forgive us for what we`ve done to each other? Then I look around and I realise... God left this place a long time ago.”

Disclaimer: The ideas advocated are meant to be satirical to press home the point of women safety and should not be taken literally.