Dream on…

By Aman Kanth | Updated: May 20, 2010, 21:01 PM IST

In your deep slumber you are dangling from a cavernous precipice. You try to resist but fall into darkness of a bottomless pit. All of a sudden you wake up & find yourself in bed, panicking and drenched in perspiration. You realize you were seeing a strange dream, which you are unable to recall once wide awake. <br><br>
Human mind is a strange phenomenon, blessed with a unique propensity of flights of fancy and imagination. While asleep, human mind weaves dreams which transport us to distant lands and unfamiliar zones. These dreams can be about our childhood, adolescence, old age, happy moments, trepidation and bereavement. <br><br>
Ever wondered why we dream? What is the significance of dreams? Why do we forget the dreams which we see or why we are able to retain graphic details of some dreams for years together? <br><br>
In the past, dreams were considered prophetic in nature, divine messages, which were pregnant with latent meanings. With the passage of time, human being progressed and so did his understanding about himself and his surroundings. Equipped with latest knowledge, he began his efforts at demystifying nature and soon realized that he himself was one big mystery. <br><br>
How can man control others if he has no control over his own mind? Man has struggled for ages to understand the enormity of his psyche and all that went into its making. <br><br>
When conscious, we seem to be able to fully control ourselves but while asleep, we are slaves to our mind. We have absolutely no control over it and on our emotions during sleep. As our dreams take us on a journey of an alternate universe, we embark on a flight of fancy. <br><br>
The dreams which we see are cryptogrammic in nature, akin to an emblematic representation. <br><br>
In our dreams, we confront our real selves, bereft of any disguises, which we tend to wear when wide awake in the outside world- consciously or not. To a larger extent, our dreams mirror reality, where we are stark naked, somewhat, which is often hidden from the keen eyes of the society. <br><br>
If we dream evil, it is borne out of our malice, which flashes across our minds during waking hours. Indeed, our dreams can tell a lot more about ourselves than any acute self-observation. <br><br>
One might say that dreams are just a figment of imagination, with nothing serious about them. Yet, in all propriety, dreams are the residue of human thoughts and to say that dreams are irrational will be quite illogical. <br><br>
Theorists believe that dreams are a projection of underlying, unfulfilled wishes and human desires and of course, inherent fears. Irrespective of being young and old, all of us dream, thereby giving vent to the various emotions inside our echoing mind. <br><br>
Whatever be the theory, one thing is for sure- in dreams, we realize the unattainable. Dreams are the imprints of our unconscious mind which often lead us to the unknown, thereby enabling us to understand our real selves - the truth, hidden away both from us and the society. <br><br>
May be we need to look at this area of human psyche to make sense of our lives better. For that, of course, we need to dream on…