Enticing Easter!

I can`t stop smiling as I remember how I used to long for ‘Easter’ as a child and as a school going girl. Elaborate dishes including yummy fries, fresh salad and my favourite delicacies would be laid on the dining table on this day and I would eagerly wait for a nibble.<br/><br/>Although Christmas is the biggest and most pleasurable festival in the Christian calendar, Easter is highly significant as well. The festival celebrates Christ’s resurrection from the dead - two days after Good Friday. For Christians, Easter is a time for renaissance - it is a day when Jesus Christ took all our sins upon Himself to give the Ultimate Sacrifice for mankind. <br/><br/>From attending Easter sunrise service to devouring luscious brunch, the entire ceremony is simply irresistible. Easter also marks the beginning of the magical spring season, as one witnesses the incredible reawakening of nature and its glory. <br/> <br/>Reasons why I have always craved for this day are simply inexplicable. It brings back the old cherished memories of my childhood days spent at home. One of the most unforgettable memories includes going fishing along the tranquil riverside on Saturday, a day before Easter. <br/><br/>While fishing, it would be fun to look at cheerful boys and girls catching gold fishes in the crystal clear water. The gentle breeze would caress me as I would stand gazing at the brook where beautiful fish swam in the blue tributary. <br/><br/>At that time of the year, the hills and the valleys appeared enchanting with plenty of flowers and lush greenery covering the Earth. After winter’s slumber the world would appear to have woken up to nature’s glory. The wind would blow, filled with the sweet fragrance of wild flowers in white, red, blue, purple, yellow… <br/><br/>Nowhere else on Earth did I feel so much at peace than the countryside. In those days, it would be so pleasant to listen to the sounds of flapping, chirping and songs of birds under the sunlit sky. The sound, feel and smell of nature would touch my soul.<br/><br/>As the golden rays would begin to dim, we would pack our stuff including the prized baskets filled with fish that we would have caught during the day. Finally, on the awaited day - Easter Sunday, we would put on our best dress, attend the church service, relish a hearty feast and enjoy the look of the colourful Easter eggs. Easter played the perfect guest in the Spring and we welcomed it whole-heartedly. Those days may have gone, but Easter still brings along the same joy.<br/><br/>This Easter, I pray that may peace, love, joy and grace of Jesus Christ be with us now and forever as we rejoice and celebrate His resurrection from the dead!<br/><br/>

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